Friday, April 26, 2013

instagram friday

yesterday afternoon i posted a 6 month update on my dad, if you missed it. 

it's friday.....and not just any friday, but the first day in a long time that we are going to see warm temperatures in mn! hallelujah! to be honest....i'm not going to believe it until i feel it. in other news, i'm very excited for this evening. i'm attending a cooking class with my blogger friends! fellow blogger, andrea's mom runs cooking classes out of her home. i can't wait to cook (and eat!) yummy food with the girls! also, as mentioned on wednesday, azalea and i are heading up to duluth tomorrow for the night to visit our friends dani and gino. super excited for that, as well! 

thatcher grilling dinner on monday the snow! 

took a "field trip" to dangerous man with my co-workers

new storage for my flats and sandals

fro yo date with azalea. this place just opened in our neighborhood! 

fun mail day! a canvas i ordered and my prize i won
from blissfully britt 

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Have a great weekend!! I'm going to have to take Aubrey to a fro yo place sometime- she'd love it!


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