Friday, March 29, 2013

instagram friday

happy friday! i was thrown off all week because i switched my day off. i know, big wahhh :) i can't believe it's easter weekend already! there's gonna be some sad easter egg hunts around minnesota with all the snow still on the ground, huh? i'm having sort of a weird easter this year. my parents are still in florida and my aunt who usually hosts is out of town as well. in fact, i'm not really sure what is happening on sunday. ha! i haven't decided if i want to wrangle azalea at church or not. we shall see. anyway, i hope you all have a good weekend. soooo happy it's finally feeling like spring outside. it's about time! 

ok, so this is nothing new, but whatever!

aaaand neither is this...but she's cute :) 

she ended the night of her party "toddlers gone wild" style

a little #throwbackthursday...summer 09 at kelli's cabin.
can't wait for cabin weather! 


Sarah said...

Happy weekend! Azalea is too cute in her birthday dress! I'm wishing for Spring too!

~Dawn~ said...

Ok, I have to ask - that dress she's wearing at her party. Was that from me?? Lilli had the same one and I'm wondering if that made it's way into the bag of clothes I gave you. Either way - SUPER CUTE!

Have a great weekend...and Easter! ;)

Carolyn said...

OMG! That picture of her with the balloon... SO CUTE!


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