Friday, March 22, 2013

instagram friday

i could have sworn it was friday yesterday, but here were are at real friday (finally). i'll take it! there was nothing too special about this week, but this weekend and next week are pretty big! azalea turns 2 next tuesday! (how...??) saturday morning we are taking her two year pictures at the guthrie with a photographer friend and we are having her party (just a small family one) on sunday evening. we're also celebrating a friend's 30th on saturday, so that should be fun! see ya monday! 

i braided her hair for the first time. it lasted all of 5 minutes! :) 

on wednesday we met some friends at an indoor play ground
called the eagles nest

wearing my new springy shirt i got from the "favorite things" party

i posted this gem from 2 years ago this week
for throwback thursday 


~Dawn~ said...

I love your new favorite spring shirt :) And Azalea's braid is too cute.

Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. :) ENJOY!

Sarah said...

Sounds like an action packed weekend!

I cannot wait to hear all about Azalea's 2nd birthday! Have fun!

Carolyn said...

Dang it! I totally wish I had followed your blog when you were pregnant... SO CUTE! :) Happy Friday friend!

Sally said...

Looks like Azalea sat still for the braiding! Too bad it didn't last a little longer...

Have a great Monday!


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