Monday, February 25, 2013

a presentation, first time sledding, the children's museum

i mentioned my two college roomies heidi and sarah were supposed the spend the night friday, but i got a text from sarah that morning informing me that she had just fallen outside and broken her ankle! ouch! needless to say, she was not going to make it to my house that night or to heidi's presentation on saturday. we definitely missed her! heidi still ended up coming, but not until after 9pm because she had class in the evening. kelli came over after work because she hadn't seen azalea in forever. we just hung out and got azalea's energy out before bed. :) heidi and i caught up for a while after she arrived and then headed off to bed. 

saturday morning we stopped at caribou to pick up some goodies on the way to st. kate's for her grad school presentation. she invited about 10 family members to come watch. i got to be an honorary family member. ;) 

she did a great job! 

after the presentation, the whole group headed to the highland grill for lunch. we had hoped to visit sarah at the hospital after lunch, but lunch ran long and i needed to get home, so heidi and her hubby chad dropped me off before they went. while i was gone, thatcher took azalea sledding for the first time, and let's just say it was not a hit. haha. i'm not surprised, she is a pretty cautious kid and the whole thing freaked her out (even though thatcher went down with her). according to thatcher she had an epic meltdown. here is evidence of the torture session - ha! 

my parents stopped over for a while in the afternoon because they are headed back to florida for 2 months(!) we will really miss them, but i'm thankful they have the ability to escape the cold weather and really enjoy themselves for the next couple months. thank goodness for skype! my dad will get his maintenance chemo while he is down there. the rest of the afternoon/evening was spent hanging out with thatcher and azalea. 

sunday morning we had our friends liz, joe, their boys jake and max, and their exchange student jula over for breakfast. 

the kids table...seriously so cute! 

we had pancakes and bacon and then headed to the children's museum! 

after azalea's nap, we visited thatcher's parents' for a bit and then ended the weekend with the academy awards! 


Bridget said...

What a great weekend...minus the meltdown! haha. I can't wait to have our kiddo and take him to the Children's museum. Looks like fun!!!

Brittany said...

I love going to museums. So fun.

Poor girl, hates sledding haha

~Dawn~ said...

hahaha...poor Azalea, she's like - this white stuff isn't NEARLY as cool and the sandy beaches in Florida.

Carolyn said...

Oh man! That picture of her sledding! You can see the terror! HAHAHAHA Love it! :)

Sarah said...

Poor thing! I am surprised she didn't like sledding!

What do you guys think of the Children's museum? We took Aubrey there once and it was mass chaos and like a gigantic unsupervised daycare- I should note we went on the free saturday event, which might be why it was that way...

ajs {of MN} said...

i seriously need t get avrie to the science museum! my mom bought tix so we have something to look forward to on that!

also that sledding photo, sorry but HAHAHA! it is scary as an adult, so dont blame her! hehe

she'll grow to like it ;)


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