Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the sick diaries

just a warning...this is one of those "i'll want to look back and remember this" posts. it's probably not going to interest anyone else but me (ok, maybe the grandparents). :) we are on day 3 of "the sickness" for azalea. we don't know what she has...probably just a virus. she came down with a fever on saturday night, sunday she had a fever all day, but not many other symptoms. monday i went into work in the morning and thatcher stayed with her. she had a fever (99-101), runny nose, and cough...but thankfully was eating/drinking well and was in really good spirits (we're talking not one tantrum or whine-whoa!). thatcher called the nurse line on monday morning. they said we should give it 72 hours total (aka til tuesday night) and then call again to follow up. i came home at lunch time yesterday and spent the afternoon with her. she was in good spirits at least! 

the nights have been the worst. her 99-101 fever spikes to 102-103 and she is very uncomfortable. no one is sleeping well! we give her fever reducer meds at night to help her sleep. it takes all of my willpower to not lay awake worrying about her at night. when those thoughts (and stories on the news) slip into my mind, i have to just push them away. 

i switched my wednesday off to today, so i wouldn't have to use sick time. i had high hopes that her fever would go away today, but it doesn't seem to be the case. i think we'll be calling the doctor in the morning. thatcher is planning to stay with her tomorrow. 

not exactly the way i hoped to spend this almost-time-to-go-on-our-trip week. ;) i pray she will be on the mend soon and that thatcher and i stay healthy! 


ajs {of MN} said...

i appreciate posts like these, they are helpful in signs and what to look for. i am TERRIFIED of sickeness! i hope little girl is better very soon and DEF before vaca, you two keep healthy!

Carolyn said...

Oh no! :( Hopefully she feels better soon!

Lisa said...

Hope Azalea feels better very soon! And hoping that you two stay healthy, as well! And happy 22 months to you guys, too!


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