Tuesday, January 22, 2013

plants, scrabble, organization

weekend update on a tuesday! i didn't technically have martin luther king day off from work, but thatcher did, so i decided to switch my normal wednesday off to yesterday. so, a 3 day weekend it was! 

friday night we went to culver's for dinner because nothing else sounded good - and culver's always sounds good ;) saturday we woke up with no plans for the day. we hung out at home for a while, but azalea was melting down left and right, so we decided to get out of the house and go to bachman's to look for at some indoor plants. it might sound counter-intuitive to take your toddler out in public when they've been melting down all morning, but we know from experience, she is much happier when we are out and about. it worked like a charm!

we got a hanging basket for the kitchen and some succulents in a pot for the living room

azalea and i both took naps in the afternoon. i always feel a little guilty when i do that because i get nothing accomplished, but it's sooo worth it. :) thatcher had plans in the evening, so i hung out with azalea and then lounged on the couch and watched tv after she went to bed.

sunday i took azalea to lambs group at church and then we met my mom for the 11:00 service. while azalea napped in the afternoon, i met my bff kelli for lunch at the chatterbox pub. it's a quirky little place with video games and board games you can play. we played scrabble. there were far more 2 and 3 letter words than i'd like to admit. haha!

sue, zoo, toy ;)

in the evening, we had both sets grandparents (aka our parents) over for dinner. we made pesto pasta with italian chicken sausage and roasted tomatoes. yum! we all had fun hanging out and playing with azalea (and our nephew jack who came too). but i forgot to take pictures. oops! 

monday morning we woke up to -10 degree temp! talk about being thankful for having the day off. we did venture out in the late morning, when it had warmed to -8 ;) since i originally wasn't going to be off on monday, thatcher was planning to bring azalea to his parents' for a good chunk of the day, so he could get some stuff done. so, we decided to stick with that plan. after we dropped her off, he got his hair cut and i had a little date with myself at caribou. we came home and cleaned the house a bit. organized papers, did laundry, and i tackled our linen closet, which was a disaster! 

linen closet before and after. there were things that have been in there since we moved into our house in 2007. including a bottle of pepcid ac from 2004. haha! i filled 2 grocery bags with things to throw away or donate. woo hoo! 

we finished our long weekend with tacos for dinner, played with and bathed azalea, and watched a movie. 


Carolyn said...

OMG! Love Culvers! HAHAHA And good work on organizing the linen closet! That's always a bad spot in our house!

Sarah said...

Awesome job on the linen closet. I feel like I tackle ours once a year and I always come away with stuff to trash or donate! Where does this stuff come from?

ajs {of MN} said...

chatterbox, fun! we should do this!

lo @ crazy ever after said...

Two thibgs I love in Mpls. Chatterbox and Bachman's on Lyndale. Have you been to their idea house? I want to visit it sometime.

JJ said...

I love Culver's. Ryan had never had it until a couple nights ago.

The Chatterbox is such a fun place. I love all the board games.

Looks like a fun 3 day weekend!


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