Friday, January 4, 2013

instagram friday

here we are at the end of another short week. next week is gonna be sort of brutal, huh? i'm looking forward to a pretty low key weekend. lunch with some blogger ladies tomorrow, followed by dinner with some friends at pizza luce (yes, i practically live there), and lots of quality time with my girl :)

ps. i tweaked my blog header to be more "wintery" instead of "christmasy" 

somebody wasn't into helping clean up at the children's museum. ooo boy! 

new sheer curtains in our bedroom. i'm in love!

she's really into headbands these days. ha! 

the day christmas came down at our house

and was replaced with a pretty "winter" mantle


Sarah said...

I love the headband! So cute! Btw- had Azelea had a haircut yet?

~Dawn~ said...

Lookin forward to our lunch date, Mama! ;)

jess said...

I need to get my Christmas decorations down. But I just can't! Love the winter mantle and your header! Have a great weekend! :)

Faith said...

I'm going to be so sad to take down our Christmas decorations. I really don't want to but I have to get on it and quickly!

Enjoy your weekend!


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