Wednesday, January 2, 2013

hello 2013

happy new year! i fully enjoyed a four day weekend that involved plenty of fun and relaxation. can't believe it's back to reality (aka work) again already. at least it's only a 3 day week for me! 

saturday was a pretty chill day. a trip to target, a visit to my parents', organized all of our wrapping stuff/gift bags (it was such a disaster after christmas), and i snuck in a little nap. thatcher had plans to attend a game night in the evening, so i got settled on the couch in my jammies, with my laptop, and friends on dvd. a perfect night :) sunday we decided to take azalea to the children's museum. she and i went a month ago with friends. she loved it, and thatcher has been wanting to take her again ever since. we were worried that it might super crowded, but it wasn't bad. we also decided to splurge on a year-long membership, as it only takes 3 visits to pay for itself. yesterday counted as our first one. we're really excited to go with some of our friends who also have memberships. 

fun in the "grocery store" and the pretend car


in the evening, we got to meet our new little neighbor, carson who was born on christmas day. we've been so excited to meet him! we didn't get to hold him yet, as he is pretty jaundiced and spending a lot of time under his bilirubin light. we're planning to bring them dinner another night, so i'm sure i'll get plenty of snuggle time then. new years eve day, thatcher started coming down with something. i was supposed to go see les miserables with my friend kelli, so i took azalea to thatchers' parents', so he could rest while I was gone. all of the reviews i have heard were right...the movie was uh-mazing! i love musicals, but i had actually never seen les mis before. it was excellent!  

unfortunately since thatcher was feeling under the weather, he was not able to attend our annual new years family sleepover at our friends liz and joe's. azalea and i still went and had a fun evening. joe made us delicious potstickers and lettuce wraps, we played with the kids til about 8pm, and then we played board games the rest of the night with their foreign exchange student and her friend. we were in bed by 12:15 :) 

 dinner time!

the morning after...hehe

new years day we hung out at home, took down the tree, etc. it makes me a little sad to take down the christmas stuff, but i do enjoy having a clean slate for re-decorating. sort of fitting with the new year. bring it on, 2013! 


~Dawn~ said...

I ended up working a little New Year's Eve, but for the most part - I had a 4 day weekend, too. It was such a bummer having to get Alexa up and ready for school and get back to work today! But, it will be nice getting back to a regular routine again.

I hope Thatcher is feeling better. We passed around a cold/flu bug throughout the holidays this year,too - no fun!

Sally said...

Happy New Year! It was fun to read your recap of 2012... Glad I got to meet you... hope to see you again!

Carolyn R said...

That sounds like our NYE... playing with baby Kenley and playing board games! HAHA So glad you had a good start to the year!

Sarah said...

Yay for 4 day weekends! Everyone should have 4 days weekends EVERY week :) Sounds like a great NYE minus Thatcher being sick.


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