Monday, January 28, 2013

fun with the roomies, sickie toddler

my college roomies sarah and heidi came and stayed at my house this weekend and we had lots of fun! unfortunately our other roomie kaylee wasn't able to make it up from lincoln. we missed her! i'm looking forward to some fun weekends with all of them in the coming months with all of the festivities for kaylee's wedding. sarah arrived first on friday evening and we hung out and played with azalea. heidi arrived around 7:30 and once she got settled, the three of us headed to naviya's thai brasserie in linden hills for dinner. i've been there once before and it's a cute, cozy little place with great food. we came back to my house and hung out for a while before calling it a night. 

saturday morning we headed to mall of america right when it opened. (that's the only way to go on a saturday, in my opinion. it gets so busy there!). we shopped for a over four hours (ok, we did take a break for lunch). it was quite a successful trip! we are all going to be bridesmaids in kaylee's wedding and she is letting us buy any style dress we like in purple. i happened to come across a purple dress at ann taylor that was on sale for $50...a great price! i tried it on and ended up loving it, so i decided to get it. the cashier rung it up and it was on sale for $24.99! awesome, huh?! i love when that happens! kaylee wants us to all wear green shoes. we found some really cute green flats at loft for only $10! i couldn't believe the good deals we scored! i also got a pair of coral colored shorts at loft for our upcoming florida trip. success! 

we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and watched pitch perfect. neither heidi nor i had seen it yet. it was so funny! thatcher made us pasta for dinner and then the girls and i headed to the theater to see les miserables (second time for sarah and i, first time for heidi). i thought it was actually even more amazing the second time! i picked up on things i had missed the first time around. when we got home, thatcher had left a note letting me know that azalea had a 100 degree fever right before bed. :( i knew it was only a matter of time before she would get sick. four out of the six kids at daycare were sick last week.

we were amazed because she slept really well saturday night. sunday morning, she still had a 100 degree temp. the girls decided to take off in the morning, so we could take care of azalea and so they could beat some freezing rain/snow that was on the way. normally we take a pic of us before we part ways, but we were all un-showered, so i wasn't gonna subject us to that. haha. instead, here's a pic of us (plus kaylee) from last summer in brainerd:

thankfully azalea was in pretty good spirits for most of the day and had way more energy that i would expect out of a kid with a fever and cough. she took a nap in the late morning. we mostly hunkered down all day. snuggled, read books, and played. we also got a couple inches of snow! 

it was an early to bed night for her. keeping her out of daycare today. i'm working in the morning and thatcher is working in the afternoon. i hope my baby feels better soon! 


ajs {of MN} said...

thats a great dress AND a great deal! i found a dress that i wore in Mexico at Express on sale for/Clearance for $23!

I hope Azalea feels better soon! :(

Brittany said...

Awesome deals!! That dress is really cute. Hope Azalea feels better soon.

Carolyn said...

Those are AWESOME deals!! :) I love when that happens!


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