Monday, January 7, 2013

ate my way through saturday, relaxed my way through sunday

ok, before i get into my weekend recap, i have to vent about all of the spam comments i've been getting on here lately. i took off the word verification thing a few months ago (because everyone hates those, including me!). i didn't have any problems until a few days ago when i started getting like 1-2 spam comments an hour! ugh! so, unfortunately i have to subject you all typing in nearly impossible to read words and letters before you can leave a comment again. i apologize! hopefully i can take it down again soon! anyone else have this problem? 

friday night after dinner, we decided to get azalea out of the house for a bit. we went to southdale so thatcher could return a christmas gift. we also wanted to check out the new "kid area." i was envisioning an indoor playground, but it's really more of a open space with a wall of benches around it and lots of little things for kids to climb on. azalea had a ball. there were definitely tears when we left. best part is, it's free. we'll be going back, for sure! 

she's a blur these days

saturday i met up with some blogger friends for lunch at tavern on france. andrea, dawn, and i have gotten together a few times, we also invited sarah along. none of us had met her in real life, but we've been reading each others' blogs for a while. crazy thing is, i "met" sarah through blogging, but we actually graduated from the same high school 3 years apart and went to the same college! so fun to catch up with these ladies. 

sara, me, dawn, and andrea

because i didn't get enough calories from my blue cheese burger and fries at lunch, we went to pizza luce for dinner with the carlsons and the getchius's. there were 6 adults and 3 toddlers. fun stuff! no pictures from calorie fest part 2, unfortunately ;) sunday was a much needed day at home. with the exception of a couple errands in the morning, and visiting thatcher's parents for a little bit, we spent the day at home - cleaning, organizing, playing, and relaxing. thatcher's sister and our nephew stopped over in the evening for a bit. jack and azalea did some tower building.

serious concentration :) 

hope you had a good weekend! 


~Dawn~ said...

So much fun meeting up with you for lunch. Let's get together again SOON! I hope you can come skating on the 25th.

Those blocks are AWESOME...where did you get them?

And a total bummer on the spammers..ugh! Annoying.

Diana said...

I had issues with spammer comments too, but I use Wordpress so my solution probably wouldn't work for Blogger!

Also, I love that you four beautiful ladies have the same fashion sense - three out of the four of you are wearing stripes, and a different three out of the four are wearing scarves. You should start your own fashion blog!

Bridget said...

I get spammers, but only about 2 a week. Annoying for sure! Could you just do the whole 'approve the comments' before they are posted?

So fun that you guys met up again!!! You guys all look so cute!!

Love the tower cute!

Carolyn R said...

Looks like such a fun weekend!! :)

As for the spam comments - I don't think that they actually go up on your blog. Blogger is pretty good at filtering them out. I know I get quite a few spam comments, but they don't actually post on the blog. Another thing you could do is to turn off anonymous commenters though.

Lisa said...

Looking through these pictures, I am blown away by how long Azalea's hair is getting!!! She is so cute!! Isn't this age so much fun?? So much discovery going on!

Sarah said...

It was so great to meet you this weekend! Sorry you had to leave early! We'll have to meet up again soon- maybe with the kiddos next time?

Faith said...

What a delicious weekend!

So awesome that you got to meet up with blog friends last weekend! I wish I could do the same :).

I have the verification turned off but I don't get many spam comments. I hope it gets figured out soon for you.

Brittany said...

Sounds like you had some yummy food!

ajs {of MN} said...

i loved having lunch with you girls! i would love to do it again just MOMs and when we get together with the kids- a mall play area sounds ideal! ;)

picture it now... kids playing/screaming/climbing/tumbling/running & moms sipping coffee/hot choc/mochas :D


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