Thursday, January 31, 2013

911, paramedics, a trip to the er, oh my!

did i get your attention with that title? ha! first i will say...everything is okay with azalea, but we've had a very eventful 24 hours. wednesday morning i headed to work and thatcher stayed home to take azalea to her doctor appointment. at the appointment, they learned she has a double ear infection and a "bad" cold. i felt bad, of course, but i was relieved it was something they could give us antibiotics for. they went on their way and azalea had her first dose of amoxicillan. 

i came home at lunch time so thatcher could go into work. azalea was napping and slept for quite a long time. when she woke up, she was crying in her crib, so i went to get her. she was acting very strange...breathing un-evenly, holding her breath, refusing to make eye contact, refusing to talk. i was worried! i called thatcher and he told me to hang up and call 911, so i did! as i was talking to the dispatcher and azalea was just sitting there staring at me, i started to feel sort of silly. he told me the paramedics were on the way. no turning back now! they arrived and checked out azalea's breathing. she was a little freaked out by the whole thing, but they assured me nothing life-threatening was going on. they did recommend that we take her into children's er as soon as possible, just to be safe. thatcher dropped everything at work and came home. we took her to children's. 

she was seen very quickly, which was nice. and of the time we got into the er  she was acting completely normal, so again i felt silly. but the doctor assured me i did the right thing and that respiratory problems in a toddler are not something to take lightly. they took an xray of azalea's chest to get a better idea of what was happening. the xray showed some inflammation in her lungs and constriction of her airway as a result of her bad congestion (which intensified as she slept). they gave her an oral steroid to help take care of it. we will also continue with her amoxicillan because it did not seem to be related to the breathing issue. after a couple hours, they sent us on our way. 

if you would have asked me yesterday morning, if i would be spending the afternoon in the er, i would have laughed. this has been a very exhausting week, but i know azalea is on the mend now, so it is all worth it. we had a lot of down time in the er. so of course i took some pics :)

unfortunately, this was not azalea's first trip to children's. we had a similar trip there last april. 


Bridget said...

OH no...thank gosh she is ok!!! Get better Azalea!!!!

Leah said...

you did catch my attention with that title! I am so glad everything is alright!

~Dawn~ said...

Oh Goodness, Melissa - how terrifying. You did the right thing and so glad that she is ok.

Ugh, kids....they can scare a mama (and papa) half to death sometimes. {remind me to tell you of Lilli's stay at Children's some time}

Carolyn said...

OH NO! I'm so glad that she's doing ok!!!

ajs {of MN} said...

you guys were SO good to call and get her checked out ASAP! I am so happy she isok!

our peds dr said something the other day that got my attn and REALLY made sense. i had asked about some really KEYS signs for serious sickness and she said the following:

"turn off the sound and look at the picture"

meaning kids can SOUND terrible and be OK but if you are seeing labored breathing in any way shape or form, that is cause for IMMEDIATE attention!

glad she is feeling better today!

Sarah said...

Poor Azalea! I bet that was very scary for you and Thatcher! So glad you guys are okay!

Happiness Is... said...

Oh man - we went to the ER this week for a busted chin. No fun, but glad that your precious one is a-ok!


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