Friday, December 28, 2012

instagram friday

yesterday was my "monday" and today is my "friday." i could get used to these kind of weeks :) i discovered when uploading these pictures that they are almost all of christmas gifts. and now i'm a little embarrassed. haha. oh well. i guess my life isn't that interesting. 

quick dad update: my dad met with his oncologist to go over the results of his pet scan from last week and got the best news we could have asked for. after just two round of chemo, all of his tumors have shrunk by at least a third. we know this won't always be the case, but we are so so thankful for the good report. he had his third round of chemo on wednesday. he will have one more intense round and then will switch to "maintenance chemo." thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

azalea's new kicks from kelli. out of control cute! 

my pretty new infinity scarf from kelli

pretty pretty princess slippers :) 

dismantling the christmas morning breakfast table

trying out her new owl tray


~Dawn~ said...

Azalea's pink shoes are super cute and love your new scarf. You both must have been good girls this year! ;)

Carol said...

I love the pink shoes! (Both pairs) So glad that your dad's chemo is working. Great Christmas card picture. Happy New Year to you and your family!

ajs {of MN} said...

what great news for your dad and family! i love that owl plate, target!? i am needing a few more section plates :)


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