Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas eve and christmas day

if you missed my post on the beginning of our christmas weekend, you can read it here.

i can't believe another christmas has come and gone. i always feel a little bummed on the 26th, but also a small sense of relief. we had a busy couple of days! christmas eve morning i met up with my high school friends michelle, anna, and katie for our annual coffee date at caribou. we've done this for the last few years and i always look forward to it, especially getting to catch up with katie who lives in st. louis now! 

in the evening, we headed to thatcher's parents' for dinner and gift opening. azalea was a lucky girl and got to open one of her gifts before dinner. she and jack had fun playing with the blocks. after a yummy dinner, and dessert, we opened the rest of the gifts. azalea got puzzles, a book, a magnetic "paper" doll, a stuffed animal, and a two story firehouse (so cool!). what a lucky girl.

 "super jack" modeling his new cape, jack and azalea playing blocks

christmas morning, thatcher and i woke up at 7:30 and azalea was still sleeping. a christmas miracle, indeed :) she heard us get up and soon we were all in the living room checking out what santa had brought...

a sled, play fruit and veggies, an elmo book, and sparkly slippers.

after santa presents, it was time to get ready for my parents and brother to come over for french toast brunch and our gift exchange with them.

azalea got more toys, books, and some clothes and jammies. i was a little bummed because she had pretty much no interest in opening her gifts this year. all she wanted to do was climb into mom's lap (and only mom's lap) to read the same old book for the 20th time that day. there were also quite a few christmas tantrums thrown in for good measure. ;)  i'm sure she will understand the santa stuff and gift giving more next year. 

in the evening, we went to the party room at my grandma's condo to celebrate with my mom's side of the family. it was fun to have my aunt and cousins from atlanta here for christmas. we had a yummy dinner, exchanged gifts (we pick names), and then had our annual white elephant game with a mix of desirable gifts and "interesting" gifts :) i walked away with a caribou gift card, so that was exciting! 

my grandma, her husband bob, and all the grandkids 

i wanted to recreate our picture from last year, but azalea wasn't having it. this was the best we got. *siiigh*

i hope you had a wonderful christmas with your loved ones! 


~Dawn~ said...

Such a fun Christmas :)
I remember Lilli being the same way about her presents...she wanted nothing to do with them. Alexa ended up opening all of hers. With all the people and presents - it gets overwhelming.

I am totally slacking on my recaps. Boo!

ajs {of MN} said...

yah for xmas and unlike you i actually kind of like that its over... does that make me grinchy!?

i also love that your santa doesn't wrap his gifts ;)


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