Thursday, November 15, 2012

that one time i met young house love!

last night was a pretty awesome night for a blog addict like me! i got to meet john and sherry petersik, the husband and wife team behind the young house love blog and now the young house love book. if you don't know them already, you should definitely check out their blog. i guarantee you will want to re-do your entire house and simultaneously wish you were bffs with them. oh, that's just me? ok, fine :) 

i first heard they were coming to minneapolis on their book signing tour about a month ago. my friend sara and i knew right away we wanted to be there. luckily for me it fell on a wednesday (my day off). it officially started at 6pm, but sara thought we should get there around 3:30. i was a little nervous that we would show up and there would be no one in line yet, but when i arrived there were already about 15 people, so i joined them. while waiting for sara, i made friends with the girl in front of me. we hung out with her the whole time because she was there alone. it was fun! this is what the line looked like when i got there:

waiting outside the west elm store

sara's friend katrina joined us a little while later. here we are killing time: 

we weren't excited or anything :) 

my blog buddies kelly and carolyn were also there, so i spent some time hanging out with them in line.

so fun to see these girls! 

finally at 6:00 they opened the doors and let us in. john and sherry came out pretty quickly and said hi to everyone waiting. they were so cute! 

not the best pic, but you get the idea

we only had to wait about 15 minutes until it was our turn. we were happy to be in the front of the line because they were genuinely excited to talk to us. they couldn't have been nicer!

a west elm employee stood up by the table and took pictures for everyone who came through. 

yep, we're bffs now! 

check out what they wrote in my book. i bet they didn't write it in anyone else's ;)

i'm probably a dork, but my hands were all shakey after talking to them. haha! what a fun night!


Kris Gorman said...

So jealous!! Looks like a great time and it's good to hear that they're as nice in person as they seem on their blog! (They also make me want to redo my house and become BFF so at least we're both crazy on that front!)

Bridget said...

I'm beyond jealous that you got to meet them!!! I can't wait to get there book!!!

~Dawn~ said...

SOOOO FUN!! I am super jeal!! So nice that you were close to the front of the line and didn't have to wait.

Ahhhh....they HEART YOU!! :)))

Carolyn said...

EEK!! :) So much fun! I'm so glad you went too!!

Cindy @The Flipping Couple said...

It's Cindy from Instagram! You definitely had the right idea getting there so early. It was such a fun night. I can't believe how patient John and Sherry were with so many people!! The line was still halfway down the sidewalk when we left at 8:15.

Malisa said...

That's funny, because they wrote almost the exact same thing in my book! :) They were incredibly nice and gracious. It was totally worth waiting in line for 3 hours!

ajs {of MN} said...

youre so cute!! its so fun meeting people you look up to in real life huh!?

i bet you didn't know that i met the rock (YES dwayne johnson, the WWF wrestler) and... i was CRYING hahahahahhaha!! now THAT is dorky!

oh and... i was major shaky after meeting britney spears at 8 months prego! i was just happy i didnt pee my pants. she did NOT write "i heart you, thanks for being my biggest fan" but i like to still think we are BFFs ;)


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