Monday, November 19, 2012

dinner with friends, a baby shower, dinner with extended family

friday night we planned on watching a movie, but at 8:30 we decided it was "too late" and opted to get ready for bed instead. how awesome are we?! 

saturday was filled with cleaning and prepping for a baby shower i threw on sunday for my next door neighbor, rebekah. thatcher took azalea out for a while, so i could get some stuff done. it was much more successful that way. :) in the evening, we went to our friends liz and joe's for dinner. we had fun hanging out while the kiddos ran around like crazy hooligans. what else is new? haha. joe made the most delicious strawberry shortcake for dessert. it was heavenly!

jake and azalea dressed up for the occasion.

sunday i did some last minute cleaning and prep for the shower. a couple of rebekah's friends came a little early to give me a hand, which was very much appreciated! there were about 10 girls who showed up to celebrate rebekah and baby boy! it was a fun, relaxed shower. thatcher took azalea to his parents', which was wise because she was throwing a fit about not getting the shower cupcakes when she saw them on the table. oof. i took a few pics from the shower, but just fair warning: our camera is on the fritz so they aren't really the best quality. the screen doesn't work anymore, so i basically have to guess when composing my subject :) santa, are you listening?

i re-purposed azalea's birthday banner and hung some pinterest-inspired vertical streamers. i thought they were a fun alternative to draped streamers.

this picture of the food table looks like a 3 year old took it, but that's ok :) 

i took a risk and made two dishes i've never made before. i was a little worried how they would turn out, but they were delicious! i made a spinach egg bake (a variation of that recipe) and apple brie puff pastries. i also had fruit and ordered cupcakes from lunds grocery store. to drink, we had a punch with orange juice, pineapple juice, and ginger ale.

i know a lot of people hate shower games, so i tried to keep them simple. one was a celebrity couple and baby name matching game and the other was "guess how many m&ms are in the baby bottle." the winners got sea salt chocolate and an essie nail polish. i don't think anyone hated me after, so that's always a plus :) 

rebekah got lots of adorable gifts! 

all in all it was a success. i'm so excited for our new little neighbor to arrive! the clean up went relatively fast and thatcher and azalea were gone for much of the afternoon. i didn't know what to do with myself! haha. so rebekah and i went for a walk around the neighborhood. it was such a nice day! in the evening, we picked up azalea from her grandparents' and headed to my grandma's condo for a pizza dinner with my extended family. my aunt shari is in town from atlanta, so it was nice to catch up with her. 
this weekend flew by like usual, but i the fact that i only have a two day week this week makes me pretty happy!!


Becky said...

Another great post per usual, but I have a question...did you forget that you can look through the viewfinder to compose the picture?

~Dawn~ said...

Cute shower :) The spinach egg bake sounds yummy. Glad you had a nice weekend.

Carolyn said...

Looks like such a great shower!! :) I love the vertical streamers! So cute!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love those simple streamers, super cute!

have a HAPPY thanksgiving and a NICE long weeked off!!


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