Wednesday, October 17, 2012

road trip part 2

thanks for all the comments on part 1 of our road trip. i'm glad it didn't bore you to tears :) now on to part 2...

day 4: 10/7
sunday was another early morning. ah, traveling with a toddler. we hung out at the grandparents' for a few hours and then they generously offered to watch azalea while we went out for a bit. we decided to go to "cave of the winds" for a tour. it was in the most beautiful spot, part of the way up the mountain. the tour was awesome. i've been in a couple caves before and they never fail to amaze me. 
we came back to a napping azalea and ate some lunch. thatcher and i decided to lay down for a little nap and ended up sleeping for 2 hours! we deserved it after all these early mornings. azalea napped for over 3 hours, we went to culver's for dinner with thatcher's grandparents and then took a little driving tour around colorado springs, including some of the areas burned by wild fires this summer.

day 5: 10/8
after coming in our bed at 4:15, azalea actually slept til after 7am for the first time in a long time, so that was awesome! this day we headed to an area called old colorado city. we planned to walk around for a bit and push azalea in her stroller, but she wasn't having it. she was pretty anti-stroller the whole trip, but I guess we are at that stage, huh? we decided to let her do something she would find fun, so we went to a playground for a bit. that was a hit. we went to a thai place for lunch that wasn't great, but it was ok. After that, we visited garden of the gods park, which is absolutely beautiful. azalea loved running around there, making friends. 
she fell asleep about 2 minutes after we got in the car, so we decided to turn her nap time into a driving tour of the mountains for thatcher and me, it was a great plan and she slept for an hour and a half, but unfortunately when she woke up, we had to drive all the way back, which ended up taking close to 2 hours. she was not a happy camper and screamed for about 1.5 hours of it. without a doubt my least favorite part of the trip. we went out for pizza with thatcher's grandparents for dinner and then just relaxed at their house in the evening. 
day 6: 10/9
azalea slept til 7:15 in her own bed this morning (big news, people!) thatcher and I took her to downtown colorado springs to explore. then we stopped at the store to get some snacks for our journey home the next day. 
we came "home" for lunch and azalea took a nap. in the afternoon we took azalea to another park and also drove out to a look out point in town (but we forgot the camera!). the rest of the evening was spent at thatcher's grandparents', having dinner and packing up some of our stuff to head out in the morning.

stayed tuned for part 3 (our drive home through kansas, nebraska, iowa, and south dakota)


~Dawn~ said...

Beautiful pictures!! Grandma looks smitten by your little girl :)

Carolyn said...

This sounds like an eventful trip! And fun! :) Such an adorable family!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun trip!! I am a big fan of road trips, and I love hearing about them, so this was a fun thing to read! I just can't believe how COLD it sounds like it was! Although I do love the cold, I know it can be hard with a baby having to be bundled up! The mountain drive while Azalea slept sounds wonderful- I love those unexpected Mommy and Daddy times!

ajs {of MN} said...

ohhh poor thing, 1.5 of screaming. i was so sad for avrie when she did this on our 20+ straight shot to florida, i cant only imagine how hard that was to hear! but looks like part 2 was pretty & fun!


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