Wednesday, October 31, 2012

halloween fun!

happy halloween, friends! hope you had a spook-tacular day. luckily it was my day off, so i was able to spend it with azalea doing fun things. we started the morning off with a trip to grandma and grandpa's. they generously watched her so i could run to target on my own (soooo much more relaxing). next we stopped at thatcher's work, so they could see her in her pumpkin costume. i didn't take any pictures, but she was a hit. a bunch of his co-workers were in costume and i think she was a little confused by it. haha. 

after that, we went to my office for a potluck with my co-workers. i made spinach artichoke dip. there was sooooo much good food! azalea didn't wear her costume there (i didn't want her to get food on it), but she was sporting a cute halloween shirt. 

    my yummy dip                             the food spread

                                                         everyone stuffing their faces :) 

after eating way too much, we headed home so azalea could take a nap. in the late afternoon, we headed to her daycare because jean was going to have a little party for the kids and i didn't want her to miss out. 

heading to the party!

i got to hang out with all the kiddos, which was fun. i didn't take any pictures, but i should have! watching 6 little ones eat halloween cupcakes was so funny! what a mess! when thatcher got home, we ate a quick dinner and then got bundled up to go trick or treating. it was actually pretty nice out...for a minnesota halloween :) 

winter coat? check. mittens? check. poofy pumpkin suit? check.

we went to about 6 houses on our block. azalea was so funny. she didn't quite understand the whole concept of trick or treating. all she wanted to do was go in people's houses. we couldn't stop laughing. when we got home, my best friend kelli stopped over. we hung out and watched charlie brown and ate candy. it was a fun, relaxing night! hope you had a great night, too! 

just for's a pic of azalea on halloween last year: 


~Dawn~ said...

Sounds like a great Halloween!! haha I love how Azalea just wanted to go inside all the houses. Can you imagine how crazy our kids think we are at that age, bringing them door to door to collect candy, all while dressed up as a silly character? LOL

Syndal said...

so the lil pumpkin!! :)

Happiness Is... said...

She's so cute!!

Laura Darling said...

She is too cute! I love her costume!

ajs {of MN} said...

what a little halloween cutie!


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