Monday, October 22, 2012

back to reality...

i made it through my first full week back at work. i'm not gonna lie, having wednesday off sure helps :) azalea had a pretty rough week going back to daycare. sooo many tears from her in the mornings, it broke my heart. they assured me she was back her her happy self within a minute or two of me leaving, but makes me so sad. i'm hoping this week will be better. 

anyway, on to the weekend recap. friday night was just a movie at home and a whole lotta relaxing after azalea went to bed. saturday she woke up on the wrong side of the crib and spent the first hour and a half her the day crying/throwing fits about every.little.thing. oof. we eventually put her back in her crib and made her take a little nap. it seemed to help somewhat. i've noticed lately that when she is at home with us, she tends to let out all of her frustrations. i don't know if she is bored or what (she can't really tell us), but it's tantrum after tantrum. if we take her out and about, she is happy as a clam. i know this is common, but it's still strange to me.

saturday was a baby themed day for me. in the morning, azalea and i went to a baby shower for my friend kara who i used to work with at southwest community ed 7 years ago now (wow!). i worked with her twin sister, too, and we still keep in touch. i'm so excited for kara who has a baby girl coming in 7 weeks. azalea had fun at the shower, running around with kara's niece and helping the mama-to-be open her gifts. haha! 

sorry for the crappy pic!                          

azalea and i both took naps in the afternoon. in the evening, we went to our friends missy and nathaniel's to meet their new little girl mallory. she was so tiny and precious. i feel like it was just yesterday that we were meeting her older brother cameron for the first time (he is 2 now). time flies! we brought them dinner and enjoyed just hanging out with the kiddos.

 azalea loved mallory. she kept going up to her and saying "hi! hi!" mallory wasn't so sure about it all :) 

 i could have held her all night (ok, i did) sweet!! 

sunday morning i took azalea to church for lambs group. there were lots of kids there, super fun! we met my mom for the 11:00 service and azalea was soooo wild during it. i was sitting there sweating because of her crazyness and of course when it was over, i had multiple people come over and tell me how cute she was, and how she "made" the whole service. haha, oh boy! in the afternoon, i met up with my friend liz for a caribou and cost plus world market date (we rescheduled from a few weeks ago). it was so nice to spending time with her, catching up and of course shopping. i scored these pretty candle holders (minus the candle and pumpkin for $5.50 total!) i also got a pretty pumpkin orange colored scarf. can't wait to wear it!

we took azalea to the park in the late afternoon. it was such a gorgeous, warm day. we won't be getting many more of those, i'm sure! finally, as much as i love my girl, i was very ready her bed time to come on sunday night. she was super clingy and whiny all evening. she wouldn't let me out of her sight (or reach). if i tried to sit down and hold her, she would freak out. she has a little cold, but she was still going at full speed, so i don't think that was the problem. just a fun dose of extreme separation anxiety. it got a liiiittle exhausting :) 


~Dawn~ said...

Awww, little Mallory is so sweet!! Isn't it funny how your forget how little they are? They grow too fast!

Azalea is totally at that stage of testing limits and boundaries - hang in there, as this too shall pass.

Carolyn said...

I'm right there with you on the going back to work thing. I'm still struggling!!!

Syndal said...

aww sorry Azalea has been a bit..challenging lately! :) my nephew is 3 and he's been difficult for the last few months it seems, and I don't even have him full time. Hang in-you're a great mom!

ajs {of MN} said...

she sounds like avrie a couple weeks ago and it ended when TWO molars popped! hope she is feeling more herself soon! loved all your fun wknd activites!


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