Wednesday, September 5, 2012

our house: then and now

last weekend thatcher painted our shutters a new color, so i thought it would be fun to do a little comparison of our house when we bought it back in 2007 vs. now. 

this is what our house looked like in 2007. we took down the tree on the left not long after we moved in. it let so much more light in to the kitchen! we also removed those bushes on the right a couple years later. 

today we have newly painted gray shutters, a new(er) front light, smaller bushes, and a garden on the side of the house. 

future projects: paint our front door (color suggestions? it's a really ugly windowless white door right now), get a new screen door (i realize you can't see the old one, but it's an older half window kind and i would love a full window). i'd also like new house numbers, but i'm not sure if or when that will happen. there's always something, right? :) 


Becky said...

It looks great, Melissa! You've done a really good job improving it. I feel like we have not done as well. Our front shrubs are awful. Did you dig yours out yourself? We've thought about new house numbers too, but I'm not sure how to do it on brick. What have you found?

Carolyn said...

OMG. I need help with the bushes. How hard were yours to get out???? Seriously. Advice is needed.

As for a door color... what about a deep blue color? Or a bright red would be pretty too!

As for the house numbers... they have number kits at Home Depot for like $30 for everything. I think a new one (and larger!) would add so much!

I love your house! SO CUTE!

Melissa said...

Thanks! I hadn't looked at this 2007 picture for a long time, so it was fun to compare. Thatcher did dig our bushes out. I think it was a lot of work, but worth it. The brick is such a huge barrier to putting up new numbers. Thatcher doesn't wanna deal with it at all. some of our neighbors who have the same house style as us have put their numbers on the back wall above the mailbox, so that might be an option. sorry i'm not much help! haha

Kara said...

Very nice! You would be amazed at what some new numbers would do and it's super easy. Just go to Home Depot or Menards and look at the numbers. You could do numbers on a nice block of wood, numbers directly on the house, I bet pinterest would have some nifty ideas.


Miss Jewells said...

Adorable! Isn't it crazy how much difference a few small changes can make to the overall curb appeal. I hated the front of our house when we first bought it, but we've made a couple small changes and it's already a lot better (but I've still got like 5 more things I want to fix, of course, haha)!

Lisa said...

The blue shutters look awesome! That's a great shade of blue for a home. It gives a nice pop of color! I always think red front doors look nice, especially on homes with some brick on the outside. We tried painting our front door red, but the actual paint texture is a little clumpy and the door absolutely looks like it was painted, lol. Someday we'll either replace the door or repaint it in a different way. But, I wish you guys all the luck in painting your door! I'm sure there are lots of great tips about how to do it on Pinterest!


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