Monday, September 24, 2012

mill city market (again!), birthday party, sunday...funday?

saturday morning we met up with our friends becky, jeromy, their little girl linnea (13 months) and also my co-worker, mandi at the mill city market. they had never been to it before and you know we're always up for a trip there. plus thatcher wanted to enter some bread into the baking contest. what we didn't anticipate when we picked the date was the fact that it would be 45 degrees (and windy!). but we bundled up and made the best of it! i felt slightly guilty taking azalea out in the cold, as she has a little cold. 

in other news, the bolt coffee bar finally had their pumpkin spice lattes available. i got one and it was just as good as i remembered, so i was a happy camper! :) i also got a delicious chocolate croissant from another vendor. hello sugar overload! we ran into our friends sara and jess at the market, so it was pretty much a party while we all hung out for a little bit and tried to stay warm. 

this is only some of the group...i think sara is teaching azalea how to fly :) 

miss linnea taking in the market for the first her! 

of course no trip to mill city is complete without going to the guthrie. in this case, it was the perfect day to go inside and warm up! the girls ran around and had a great time. 

mandi and azalea checking out the view

we parted ways with everyone and headed home. azalea was standing at her crib, begging for a nap by 11:20. poor girl. :( saturday afternoon we were invited to our friends jackie and tom's son gavin's 2nd birthday, but i made the decision to leave azalea home with thatcher since she didn't feel well, and just go myself. i was sad she had to miss it, but i didn't want her spreading her germs to all the other kids. the party was really cute! jackie did a crayon/colors theme. here is birthday boy gavin while we sang happy birthday to him:

he's such a cutie! 

sunday morning thatcher made us home made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. yum! my afternoon ended up a little different than planned. i was supposed to have lunch and then go shopping at the re-opened cost plus world market store with my friend liz, but she had to cancel because she had a kid who was throwing up. so, i called my mom and she suggested that we go. liz, i promise i'll go again with you :) it was nice to escape the house for a couple hours. sunday night was dinner, bath for azalea, and early to bed. 

so, those were the fun parts of our weekend. now i must vent a little about the not-so-fun parts (gotta keep it real, right?). as a result of azalea's cold (i'm guessing?), she pretty much reached a record amount of whining, crying, and tantrum throwing about everything under the sun. i know she wasn't feeling well, so i do feel bad, but there was barely enough patience in the world to keep me from going crazy. as always, thatcher handled things much better than i did. he is a saint. my coping mechanism was staring at the wall and wishing i could go hide under the bed. parenting is the toughest job in the world. until you experience it for yourself, it's nearly impossible to understand how one little person can drive you absolutely bonkers, while at the same time make you fall even more in love with them. to end this on a positive note....azalea, i love you more than anything in the world. i'm so thankful to be your mom and to get to be here for you even on your crabbiest of days. i wouldn't trade it for the world. 


~Dawn~ said...

Poor Azalea - I hope she's feeling better. I know the feeling of being completely helpless when they aren't feeling well and all the do is cry. Just hang in there Mama - deep breaths and counting works for me. It's also ok to let them cry in their room a little bit so you can step away and take a break.

Syndal said...

aww hope Azalea is feeling better!

Carolyn said...

I love Mill City, but it was definitely a cold one this weekend! I'm craving a chocolate croissant now though! HAHA

ajs {of MN} said...

Youre wknds are always filled with so much fun. I hope Azalea is feeling better. It does get to be so frustrating when the little ones aren't feeling well and at the same time can't exactly talk and tell us what they need.


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