Tuesday, September 4, 2012

labor day weekend

well, summer has un-officially come to a close. it was sooo nice having a 3 day weekend. and best of all, i only have to work one day and then it's my day off again :) friday night we stayed in and relaxed with a movie after azalea went to sleep. saturday morning azalea and i went for a walk around lake calhoun and then met my friend mollie for brunch at yum! bakery. i love that place! 

thatcher stayed with azalea while she napped on saturday afternoon and i went with my parents to visit my grandma in the hospital. (yes, she's back there again) :( my parents came over for a little while in the afternoon and entertained azalea while we got some stuff done around the house. they went home for a while and then came back again for dinner. ha! we mad steak tacos and enjoyed watching azalea run around like a wild woman all night. 

sunday azalea and i went to church with my mom. we hadn't been there in a while. in the afternoon, we met kelly for frozen yogurt and to pick up our shirts that she made us. kelly is a blog buddy of mine and she recently opened a really cute etsy shop called cedar street creatives. go check it out. she made azalea and i adorable appliqued shirts. i can't wait to wear mine! thanks, kelly! 

azalea and i came home, changed into our swim suits and headed to the splash pad in st. louis park to meet jackie, tom, and gavin. it was the perfect day for the splash pad and i couldn't wait to take azalea again because she loved it so much last time. well, for whatever reason she didn't love it as much this time. she was hesitant and a little bored and kept going over to the gate and looking longingly at the playground. silly girl! we did have fun, though.

splash pad cuties

sunday night we had a bunch of friends over for dinner. jeff, chrissy and their little girl tegan, and liz, joe, their two boys and their 16 year old exchange student julia who arrived from the czech republic a couple weeks ago. it was quite the full house. our house is small, so it doesn't take much. :) they also brought their adorable new corgi puppy, mollie. look at how cute she is... 

we grilled burgers and hot dogs and hung out with the kids. it was pretty chaotic with 7 adults and 4 kids and a dog, but we all had a good time :) mollie even fell asleep on top of a stack of books and toys amid all the noise. 

sunday we took azalea to the park and then my parents came over again. my dad came to help thatcher put our newly painted shutters back up on the house (pics coming soon). we paid them in the form of lunch :) in the evening, we went to davanni's for dinner with thatcher's family to celebrate his brother's birthday. then we went back to his parents' and had cake. anders turned 26 today. crazy to think he was only 16 when i met him! 

azalea and her birthday uncle

i have to mention (so that i remember), azalea only took 1 nap each day this weekend. she did really well in the mornings and went down around 11:30 or 12 and slept 3 hours each day! now we'll see how the transition goes at daycare. 


Carolyn said...

Looks like a great weekend! I love that Kelly made your daughter a shirt too! SO CUTE! :)

~Dawn~ said...

Loving the shirts kelly made you - I need to order some ASAP! :)

Mollie Dvorak said...

not only did I make the blog in a pic... but my name was mentioned a second time.... oh wait.... you were talking about the puppy.... lol


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