Friday, September 14, 2012

instagram friday

it's friday! that means it's time for my weekly instagram dump. hope you all have a good weekend! mn blogger girls...only 4 days til happy hour! will i see you there? 

converted azalea's high chair into a booster seat.
 she looks like such a big girl sitting at the table!

our first apple crisp of the fall. we didn't have any
 ice cream, but it was still delish!

my clearance infinity scarf i found at target. couldn't
pass it up!

i realized i take a lot of pictures of her eating yogurt. ha! 


~Dawn~ said...

I'll be there!! :)

Kelly said...

SUCH sweet photos of Azelea!! I loved your instagram caption that the expression on her face was priceless when you pushed her highchair up to the table ;-D PRECIOUS.

See you on Tuesday, have a fabulous weekend Melissa!

ajs {of MN} said...

see ya tuesday! i take a lot of pictures while avrie is eating too, but i think it's b/c they are so darn cute when they chew their food and sip their milk/juice :)


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