Wednesday, August 8, 2012

national night out

last night we had our annual block party for national night out. i've loved national night out since i was a kid. back then it was all about decorating my bike with streamers, riding around in the street for hours and staying up until 10pm. some of my best summer memories :) last night it was all about chasing my toddler, which was also fun. haha. 

we had a great time hanging out with all of our neighbors - some we know well, and some new ones we met for the first time. at one point we heard a loud crack and watched a giant tree branch come crashing down. 

see? yikes! 

normally we set up the food tables in front of our neighbors' house exactly where this tree branch fell, but this year we set up everything in front of our house instead. so thankful we weren't in that spot...some one totally would have gotten hit. very scary! 

there are so many kids on our block these days, some even within months of azalea's age. i connected with their moms and we're gonna set up a playdate soon. i'm pretty excited about that. did your block or neighborhood do anything for national night out? 


Carolyn said...

Sounds fun! Our neighborhood doesn't really do this... OR we've never been invited. HAHA :)

Miss Jewells said...

I love national night out too! We totally lucked out with a great neighborhood when we bought our house. Last night was our 3rd year on the block and it was a blast, as usual. The majority of people oare younger families, so it's a great group. (Even though we don't have kids yet, it's still fun to play with all the other little ones!)

Glad you guys had fun - and that no one was hurt by the branch. Scary!

~Dawn~ said...

We had a block party last night, too!! When we bought our house 3 summers ago, I coordinated a NNO block party to get to know our neighbors better. We're now super great friends with all of our neighbors and have so many kids around that are the same age as our girls. It's definitley a good excuse to get us all together at least once during the summer. :) Glad you enjoyed your night and nobody got hurt.


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