Wednesday, August 1, 2012

more azalea funnies

i did a post recently on funny things that azalea is doing these days, but they keep multiplying, so i'm back with more.

i taught her to say "please" (or as she says it "up"). i know that she means please, though because she uses it in context all the time. both when i ask her to say please or if ask her "how do you ask nicely?" she'll respond with "up!" :) 

yesterday she stubbed her toe and started crying, so i kissed it for her. she spent the next 5 minutes walking around while trying to bend down and kiss her own toe and saying "mwah!"

she sits and "reads" books to herself (mostly gibberish) and sometimes laughs as she turns the pages. it cracks me up!!!

i've started singing the a,b,c's to her every time i change her diaper. so now when i lay her down on her changing pad she looks at me in anticipation and says "ee iii ooo eee" in a singing voice.

she knows which way is to the park from our house, so when we go on a walk and choose a different route, she starts crying and pointing because she wants to go to the park. smart girl!

our neighbors down the block have a little plastic slide in their front yard. whenever we get out of the car, she looks over at their yard and points and whimpers because she wants to play on it. we don't know them very well and she's never been on their slide before. ha! 


Carolyn said...

OMG. These are all melt your heart moments! I think my favorite is the reading and laughing to herself. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

I love that she is NOTICING things-- like the slide!! OH SO CUTE.

My cousin has a two year old and she told THE FUNNIEST story last time I saw her-- Laila has an orange stuffed ardvvark named Buddy and one day in the car seat, Laila was tickling Buddy's feet. He "laughed" and THEN?? Laila made Buddy start to tickle HER toes and she was laughing all over the place, telling him to stop, etc. SOO cute, right?? My cousin pretty much captured her first PLAY time between them ;-) Adorable.

Lisa said...

I was smiling and giggling while reading this! She is just so adorable! I love that she anticipates the ABC's during her diaper change- very smart girl!! I'm going to have to try singing those ABC's during diaper changes around here...maybe it will get Rosemary to lay still for 30 seconds! lol
Love reading these funny Azalea moments!

Missy said...

There's always something funny and cute in the little world of toddlers isn't there. I was just thinking the other day that I could probably do a third post for Cameron as he's had me cracking up recently. Love that she gets where the park is. Although very annoying when you just can't (or don't have plans to) go to the park!

ajs {of MN} said...

cute share about reading to herself and laughing. avrie loves the book "good night gorilla" and cracks up or screams in excitement when she turns the page to this one particular page- its sooo funny! :) azlea sounds like a hoot!


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