Friday, August 17, 2012

instagram friday

happy friday! i'm headed to brainerd tomorrow for a college roomie reunion weekend. can't wait! i'll be back on monday with a recap and lots of pictures, i'm sure. what are you up to this weekend? here are some instagrams from the week: 

azalea and gino last weekend at the mall

more curtain love...

watching a little elmo...her favorite! she's smitten with him.

a rare solo trip to target. a little mini vacay, if you will :) 

swinging at lake calhoun...weee!


Becky said...

Have fun this weekend, it's supposed to be nice up north! Azalea is so cute! Solo shopping trip, I can only imagine what that will feel like after baby is here for me. I should learn to appreciated the ones I have now :)

~Dawn~ said...

I'm so jeal of your solo trip to Target....I don't think I'd know what to do with myself without 2 little monsters running through all the clothes racks and hanging on my leg begging for something from the dollar section.

Have fun in Brainerd. :)


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