Monday, August 13, 2012

friends in town, fro yo, birthday party

ah, what a good weekend (i know, i say that a lot). this weekend was especially fun and productive, though! friday afternoon i left work at 3:00 because my good friend dani was coming into town with her baby boy gino. they got here and got settled and then the two of them, azalea, and i headed to southdale to do a little shopping. i found a couple cute things for her at baby gap (thank you friends and family sale!). she also threw her worst (public) tantrum yet in the middle of macy's. it was humbling to say the least. i took her outside until she calmed down and then we went back in. whewww! when we were done shopping, we picked up some pf changs to take home for dinner. yum yum yum! after the babies went to bed, we sat down and watched the holiday (yes, in august. we love christmas and that movie that much). haha! 

we got up saturday morning, got ready and headed to target because dani needed to get a present for a 1st birthday she was attending that day. after that we went to the galleria for a bit (noticing a theme here?). finally we headed to the pretty promenade behind target and took a few pictures of the kiddos. as you can see, they weren't super into it, but i managed to get a couple cute shots. dani refers to azalea as gino's "cougar girlfriend." love it! 

like their matching jean jackets? :) 

we said our goodbyes by 11am because they needed to head to the birthday party and then back up north. but it was fun to see them! saturday afternoon thatcher and i finally got our curtains hung in the living room. i'm writing a separate post about that, so stay tuned! saturday night i was craving fro yo, so i convinced thatcher that we needed to have a family date at yogurt lab. he shot me down at first, but then came to his senses. for the record, azalea was on my side too :) we relaxed with a movie after she went to sleep for the night. 

sunday we had a birthday party for our good friends liz and joe's son jake. he was turning 4 and had his party at this awesome indoor playground. azalea had never been to something like this before and she loved it. i think my favorite part was that she had to wear a wrist band while she was in there. it was pretty much the cutest thing ever! 

she probably wasn't happy that i was holding her back from sliding :)

 jake blowing out his candles. i can't believe he is 4 already! 

all of us were worn out from playing on the slides and tubes for two hours. azalea and i both napped for a couple hours when we got home. then my parents came over for dinner and we watched the olympic closing ceremony. 

classy baby is shirtless because she refused to wear her bib at dinner. ha! 

did you have a good weekend?

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~Dawn~ said...

Aww, love the matching jean jackets..too cute. Glad you had a nice weekend.

Our weekend was great, too, although it ended with me getting a major 'summer cold' - which are worse than 'winter colds', if you ask me.


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