Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a sad little birthday and 4th of july

sooo...remember that one time i got sick on my birthday and then it lasted through the 4th of july and lots of fun plans got scrapped? yeah :( i started feeling sorta crappy monday night, but i didn't feel like i should take a sick day when i was only working 2 days this week. so i powered through the work day tuesday (my birthday). i felt okay except my voice was nearly gone. i went out for lunch with a bunch of my co-workers and out for a quick drink at the end of the day.

my parents were going to have us over for dinner and cake and we went but i turned into a huge pathetic mess. i had no appetite, so i didn't eat one bite of the yummy food (including the cake thatcher made - which pretty much killed me). instead i laid on the couch with a blanket over me, shivering from chills, while my fam celebrated my birthday in the other room. sad huh? i did sit up for a while to open a few cards and gifts. this is my only picture from the night. it's totally necessary to take a picture of the cake i didn't get to eat, right?

i did get to have some tonight and it was so good!!

we got home from my parents' around 8:00 and put azalea down. i was supposed to be leaving this morning with azalea for my best friend's family's cabin for the 4th, but i had to call her last night and tell her we couldn't come. i told her we might be able to come on thursday. after that, i fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours. happy 28th birthday to me!

i woke up still feeling pretty awful this morning, so i went to a walk-in clinic as soon as it opened. they tested me for strep and it came out negative, which sucks in a way because i couldn't get antibiotics. they are going to send the test to the lab, but the nurse thought i might just have a virus. so lots of rest and ibuprofen was advised. my parents offered to take azalea for a while this morning, so that was nice! then azalea and i spent the afternoon taking naps (azalea was quite resistant for a while, of course on a day when we really needed her to nap). thatcher worked on the basement for a while. tonight thatcher is playing games at some friends' and i am watching a 2012 made for tv titanic movie. i know, try not to be too jealous. i'm bummed i'm missing fireworks, etc tonight, but it's ok. i'm feeling somewhat better and azalea and i are headed to the cabin tomorrow (just for the day), so i'll have a post on that later!

i'll end this with a little flashback of azalea last year on the 4th. she was 3 months:


Becky said...

Sorry you're not feeling well! Hope the rest of your weekend gets better!!

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Hi Melissa,
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Syndal said...

aw hope you feel better soon! & happy birthday!

Leah said...

happy birthday! feel better soon!!

Britni Kesselring said...

Hope you feel better soon, no fun being sick on your birthday!

Happy Birthday!!


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