Monday, July 9, 2012

the rest of the holiday weekend

i can't remember the last time i had five days off when i wasn't going on vacation. it was really nice! even though i was sick/recovering for a lot of it, i still managed to do a lot of fun stuff (including naps) :)

friday thatcher worked, so it was just azalea and me at home. we took a trip to target in the morning and then played/read lots of books until we met my friend anna from high school for ice cream. i haven't seen her in 10 years, but we recently re-connected on facebook because she is expecting a baby in november and she's interested in cloth diapering, so we decided to meet up. azalea was being sort of difficult, so we didn't get to chat for all that long, but it was still great to see her! in the evening, my mom and i had tickets for the basilica block party. it's an annual concert put on by the local radio station, cities97 on the grounds of the huge basilica downtown. i hadn't gone for a few years, but there were a couple bands playing that my mom and i love, so i bought her ticket for mother's day. it was roughly 97 degrees at the start of the show. sooooo hot. then it clouded over and poured and we all got soaked, but it felt so good! the temperature dropped drastically after that. here is a picture from the show. we also saw the head and the heart (looove!) and train.

mat kearny performing

saturday was a pretty chill day. i still was not feeling great, but luckily we had no plans! we took maggie for 2 walks around the neighborhood, played, read lots of books to azalea, etc. 

she is obsessed with putting on clothes, accessories, etc. these days.

i took a nap in the afternoon at the same time as she did. it was much needed because i have not been sleeping well at night (too busy coughing!) :( we made a yummy dinner and then i cleaned the house all night because we had family friends stopping over sunday morning.

kathy and garry came around 9:30 on sunday and hung out for about an hour before they had to go to the airport. they have been friends with my parents since before i was born. we also visited them in portland a few years ago. we tried to get azalea to lay down before they came, but she didn't fall asleep so she ended up going for a nap while they were here (her request!) i meant to take a picture of them with her, but it slipped my mind. oh well. azalea did take a nap after they left for 2 hours! then we ran some errands and hung out at home until it was time to go visit our old neighbors at their new house. they've been there for about 2 months now and their house is gorgeous! it was so fun to see the house (and them, of course!). we made pizza when we got home and azalea went to sleep early because she only had one nap. after dinner, i recruited thatcher to put up one of our curtain rods, so kelli and i can pin the curtains for hemming. we're making progress people!!


Kelly said...

Fun! I had a bunch of friends that went to Basilica. I swear each summer that I want to go-- maybe next year :-) Fun that you got together with your high school friend too! And yes, I feel the same way! My 6 days off were so surreal-- I kept thinking, this must be what peeps without jobs feel like ;-)

Lisa said...

That sounds like an awesome concert!! And an awesome rain storm, too! California doesn't have any of that neat weather- I wish we did!! Ikea is great for curtains- they look super nice and they don't break the bank. That's where we got ours, though my hemming job is no good, haha. Can't wait to see your's all up!


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