Monday, July 16, 2012

lake walk, birthday party, yoga in the park

first of all, thanks for all your messages on my new job! i really appreciate them! now onto the weekend...friday night azalea and i went to target to get a gift for her buddy cameron's second birthday on saturday. it was pouring when we got there and we waited a couple minutes in the car and then dashed across the parking lot in the rain. (me trying not to wipe out while running in wet sandals while carrying a toddler!) we were in there for about a half hour and then when it was time to leave...surprise! it was still pouring. ha! we dashed out to the car again (this time with a cart full of stuff AND a toddler). i got absolutely drenched while buckling azalea into her car seat. and she laughed at me the whole time. i couldn't help but laugh too. after all, it's just water, right? :) 

saturday morning thatcher wanted to get some yard work done and i wanted to push azalea's naps back a little, so she and i went to for a walk around lake harriet. it was really crowded down there because it was a beautiful morning and the life time triathlon was going on. 

this picture makes it look pretty serene, huh?

azalea took a 2 hour nap when we got home (riding in the stroller is a tiring job!). in the afternoon we had cameron's 2nd birthday party! it was construction truck themed and his mom and aunt did an awesome job putting it together. check out the cute food table:

my favorite was the dump truck full of "dirt dessert" :)

azalea had so much fun at the party! she played so hard and walked more than she ever has! she thought all the big kids were so funny!

the kids played outside for quite a while

present opening time was so funny! cameron didn't want anything to do with his pile of presents after he opened (and loved!) the first one. maybe he thought he had to give it up to open the rest? either way, it was adorable! thanks missy for inviting us! :) azalea was worn out from the party and slept in the car and then for over an hour at home. we grilled burgers for dinner and watched a movie after azalea went to sleep for the night.
sunday i went to free yoga at a park over by st. anthony main with my neighbor rebekah. we met up with some other girls and it was really fun (but hot!). we used to go to free yoga at lake calhoun, but they don't have it anymore. we were glad to find out about this even if the location isn't quite as convenient.

can't tell from the pic, but it was pretty crowded

thatcher brought azalea over to his parents' house so he could get some projects done at home. they were still gone when i got home, so showered and used my free time to go to old navy (it's not like i had cleaning to do at home or anything) :) it was nice to get out by myself. i picked azalea up after lunch and then we hung out at home for a while before meeting my friend dani and her little boy gino (6 months) at caribou before they headed home to duluth. it was a quick little meet up, but nice to see them because it had been a few months. azalea had a lot of energy at caribou (and i felt like everyone was giving us the side eye), so we didn't stay long. after dinner we stopped over at my parents' to return their car and so they could see azalea, of course. she took her sweet time, but she's been walking up a storm lately! 

last but not least (is anyone still reading?), im featured on the mn bloggers site today! go check it out! 


Syndal said...

I want to try the outdoor yoga! sounds amazing!

Missy said...

Sorry you got so wet getting Cam's gift. If it makes you feel better he loves his "rock box" and trucks. We played with them just last night. =)

Meagan said...

How has time gone by so fast?! I swear we were just pregnant!


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