Monday, July 23, 2012

farm tours, family date, hair cut

friday night we stayed in and did nothing, which was much needed after a busy week. saturday morning we dropped off azalea at thatcher's parents' and then headed out on a mini road trip to visit some organic farms that supply food to our local co-op. a bunch of the farms were holding open houses/tours, so we thought it would be cool to check out. and it was! we went to 3 different farms that were about an hour south of minneapolis.

  i really need to start doing collages more often!

at the first one we got a tour of the pastures (including getting up close and personal with the cows!), the milking parlor, etc. i've learned a fair amount about sustainable farming over the years, but it was really interesting to see it in action. the animals get to roam around (free range) and they don't use any antibiotics or chemicals. it was amazing to hear the results that the farmers see. their animals live longer and produce more milk and their land is much healthier than their traditional farming neighbors'. at the other two farms we just sort of looked around and skipped the formal tours. it was fun to do something outside our normal routine! 

azalea had a great time with her grandparents as always. our friends becky and jeromy texted us earlier in the day to see if we wanted to get pizza with them for dinner and we agreed, but when we got to the restaurant there was a 30 minute wait and the little ones were not going to make it that long, so we went back to their house and ordered pizza and hung out instead. it was a fun night! didn't tak any pics though...

sunday was a pretty relaxing day. azalea "slept in" then proceeded to throw tantrum after tantrum all morning (oof!). she went down for a nap and i headed to my hair cut appointment. oh how i love getting my hair cut. it's like a little vacation :) 

post nap hanging out with dad - gosh, i love that little face!

a grainy hair cut picture, just for good measure!

in the afternoon we went for a walk around the neighborhood with rebekah and chester. azalea took another nap and then we headed over to my parents' for chinese for dinner (we pretty much didn't have to cook all weekend. works for me!). 

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ajs {of MN} said...

azalea is such a beauty!


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