Monday, June 4, 2012

family sleepover, community ed potluck, dance recital

friday night we had a sleepover at our friends liz and joe's. yep, a sleepover :) the reason being so that the kids could go to sleep when they got tired (actually their oldest slept through most of our get together) and the adults could stay up and hang out. it works out perfectly!

playing in their awesome screened-in porch

we ordered davanni's for dinner, played with the kids, and then gave max and azalea a bath. they loved it! they were both splashing and shrieking! it was quite entertaining.

they will both love this picture in about 15 years, right? :)

the kids all went to bed around 8:30 and then the grown-ups stayed up and chatted until after 11. it was a nice, relaxing night! saturday morning joe made us pancakes and bacon (yum!) and we left around 9am. my mom and i had plans to go to the edina art fair near her house, so we went and my dad hung out with azalea. it was so crowded! probably because the weather was absolutely perfect! in the afternoon, my aunt shari (who was in town from georgia) stopped over with my other aunt. my parents and brother came too and we all hung out on the patio in the backyard. 

saturday evening we had the annual sw community ed (where we used to work) summer bbq. it was not so relaxing this year chasing crazy girl around, but there was good food and conversation, as always.

sporting her pink staff's still a little big.

sunday i woke up feeling like i was getting a cold. we relaxed in the morning then i took azalea for a walk and to the park. it was such a gorgeous morning! in the afternoon, i went to my best friend kelli's dance recital. she is 28 and still dances at a studio (and teaches there too). :) she's been dancing since she was 4 (i was in the class with her, but quit right after and then picked it up again for a few years in middle school). i've been to every single one of her recitals, except last year when azalea was a newborn. by the evening, my cold was turning into a massive sinus headache.

i barely slept last night and ended up staying home sick from work today. i'm still not feeling any better, so we'll see what tomorrow brings! 


Sarah said...

SW Community Ed is awesome. I know it and the school well! Crazy!

Melissa said...

No way! I went to Southwest for high school and worked for Community ed from 2001-2005.

How are you connected? small world :)

Sarah said...

I will send you an email.

Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun weekend-- great idea have a sleepover so that you can still have fun :-) Hope you start to feel better quickly!!

Becca at One Girl said...

It sounds like a fun weekend! I love the bathroom tub crayons - I use to love those as a kid :)

Paige said...

A sleepover sounds so fun! I love it.


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