Monday, June 18, 2012

bike race, graduation open house, father's day

first of all, thank you all for the nice messages about my grandma. she is doing much better! she is no longer sedated and they took out the respirator and feeding tube. she is very with-it and besides her slurred speech, she doesn't seem to have any other impairments from the stroke. we are so thankful! 

now onto the weekend recap! friday night was the nature valley grand prix bike race in uptown. it's the 3rd year that they've had it there and we've gone every year. there's a women's race and a men's race and they take about 40 laps around a course set up in the streets.

some of the racers are actually olympians.  it's so fun to watch! 

azalea was pretty confused about the whole thing, but she did well as a spectator :) we stayed for the whole women's race, but we left around 7:30 because she was getting tired and cranky. 

saturday i dropped off azalea at my parents' house for a while, so i could go visit my grandma in the hospital again with my aunt and my cousin. she was doing so much better than when i saw her a few days ago! it was amazing. she is very self-conscious about her speech setback, but we are hoping it will improve with time. considering all of the possible outcomes of a stroke, hers was very mild. such a relief! we grabbed some lunch at bruggers after and i picked up azalea. in the late afternoon, we headed to my cousin austin's high school graduation open house. i, um, didn't actually take any pictures of him. oops! :) it was a good time, nice to visit with family and friends and eat lots of yummy food!

azalea and her unkie brandon :)

little miss kept me busy chasing her all over the house. i must have burned enough calories to justify all the treats i ate, right? right? thatcher couldn't come because he had planned a "nerdy" (thats my name for it, at least) game night a while back. azalea and i returned home to some serious gaming. i gave her a bath and got her down for the night and then watched a movie on the laptop in bed. perfection! 

sunday was father's day! i ran some errands in the morning (not for a father day gift or anything *ahem*) ;) thatcher's parents brought maggie over in the afternoon. she is staying with us for a couple weeks.

saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa. are they not the cutest ever?

we had my parents, my aunt shari, and thatcher's brother anders over for dinner sunday night. i made meatball hoagies for the first time (one of my dad's favs!) and they turned out pretty well. i think i would add more seasoning next time, though. we just hung out and chatted and watched azalea's antics for the rest of the night. she is so funny these days (blog post coming on that!). so it was a good father's day! i'm very thankful to have 3 great dads in my life. my dad, my father-in-law, and thatcher! azalea is such a lucky girl to have him! :)

                father's day 2011                                                   father's day 2012


Missy said...

Glad to hear your grandma is ok. And you're not the only one who calls it a "nerdy" night. I kept telling people at Maddy's b-day party earlier that day that Nate was going to Thatcher's house for nerd game night. I even got Cam to say "Daddy at Fatcher's playing a nerd" at one point. (sorry to Thatcher about the name pronunciation)

Lisa said...

So glad your Grandma is doing better. We'll continue those prayers for her!
Seeing the pictures of the bike race remind me of the Amgen tour bike race we just went to a few weeks ago. It sure is neat seeing those bikers go by so quickly! Very fun!


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