Sunday, May 13, 2012

our weekend pre mother's day

i'm breaking up my weekend post into two parts because sunday was mother's day and azalea's baptism day, so you know i have a few pictures to share. so that day is getting its own post. 

friday azalea spent the whole day at my parents' because daycare was closed. they had a great day with her, including azalea escaping a diaper change and peeing all over the dining room floor and taking an almost 3 hour nap in the afternoon. :) in the evening, thatcher, azalea, and i attended a bbq for the urban studies program that thatcher graduated from at the u of m. he still keeps in touch with one professor and a few former students after all these years. the bad news was it was pouring and sort of chilly that night. the good news was they had the bbq in a covered pavilion at a park, with a fire going in the fireplace and it was really cozy! i didn't take any pictures though. oh well! 

saturday was another 5:40 wake up from azalea. oof, that girl's internal clock is down to the minute! it doesn't matter what time we put her down.

mom, who can sleep when there are duplos to be played with?

i was able to sneak away at 9 for yoga with my neighbor rebekah. it had been way too long since we went and my body is letting me know today! azalea and i ran some errands in the early afternoon and then met my friends anna, michelle, katie, and katie's aunt for some appetizers at edina grill. yum! azalea did really well at the restaurant as long as she had a constant stream of food to inhale. 

it was nice to catch up with them, as always!

we came home to find our new honey crisp tree planted in the yard. thanks, daddy!

i hope we get some good apples from it someday.

saturday night we just relaxed and i made pasta salad for the baptism lunch. it was a yummy greek pasta salad, i got the recipe here. thatcher made vanilla bean pancakes for dinner for the first time (delicious!) and then made brownies with frosting. calories don't count on mother's day...weekend right? :) he also gave me some beautiful flowers "from" azalea a day early. 

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Happiness Is... said...

Your grass looks amazing and so lush!!! Any secrets???


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