Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mother's day/azalea's baptism

sunday i celebrated my second mother's day as a mama. so hard to believe! remember this picture of me and tiny azalea from last year? what a difference a year makes at this age!

mother's day 2012 was extra special, because it was also azalea's baptism day. we had lots of family and a few friends at the church service and it was lovely. 

ready to go in her sweet little dress

baptizing a 13 month old is quite an adventure, as you can imagine. she was squirmy, wild, and vocal, with a little stranger anxiety thrown in. but it went really well and she did great overall! 

 i still go to the same church that i grew up in. the pastor on the left has been there since i was five, and the one on the right since i was in high school. they also performed our wedding in 2007, so it was very special for me for them to baptize azalea. 

quick pic of the fam...including little miss distracted :) side note: the hoop earring i have on were a mother's day gift from thatcher, specifically for me to wear that day. i love them! 

we chose my brother, brandon and my boss/neighbor/friend karen to be azalea's sponsors. 

my parents hosted a lunch for everyone afterwards at their house. i'm so thankful they offered since our house is not very big :) 

since it was mother's day, we took a 4 generations picture. my grandma, my mom, myself, and azalea. 

i'm so thankful for this crazy little girl who made me a mother and for thatcher, who i get to share parenthood with. and last but not least, for all the mothers in my life (especially my own) who showed me what it means to be a great mom. i hope you all had a great day with you loved ones too!


KERRY said...

Your daughter is absolutely adorable Melissa and you seem like such a wonderful and loving mummy to her!!
Great pictures, looks like you shared a nice day with loved ones :)

Syndal said...

aw happy mother's day! what a sweet family you have!

Kelly said...

Awww, SO sweet! Such a special day. Azalea looked SO precious :-D

Lisa said...

Azalea's dress is precious! Happy Baptism to her, and Happy Mother's Day to you!!!


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