Monday, May 7, 2012

hey mn bloggers

i'm excited because i've been making more of an effort to "meet" other bloggers lately. for years i've lurked on quite a few blogs, but recently i decided that was silly and i should officially follow them and leave comments (novel idea, huh?). many of them are fellow twin cities girls. i love how blogging can connect you with people in your own city and people across the world.

kelly from keeping up with kelly and co just launched a website for mn bloggers to connect. it's minnesotabloggers.blogspot.comthere's even been some talk about a mn blogger meet up some time soon! i love that idea! 

so, if you are a mn blogger (yes, i'm looking at you!), go over and join this site and add the banner on your side bar. :) 


KERRY said...

That's such an awesome idea Melissa! What a great way to meet new friends :)
Blogging is so much fun and it amazes me daily how good friends are out there, all over the world, you just have to look in places you never would have thought to look :)
Good luck meeting new people!

Happiness Is... said...

I've never met a blogger IRL - I am so intimidated! Even though I pour my heart out to them - ha!

sjlily5 said...

Even if I blog minimally?

Melissa said...

Yes, join! :)


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