Sunday, May 20, 2012

bowling, alaska visitors, farmer's market

friday night we went to a company bowling party for thatcher's co-workers/significant others. they never plan any company get togethers, so it was a lot of fun! they rented a bunch of lanes at park tavern and ordered pizza, etc for everyone. i'm a pretty crappy bowler, but i still have fun. i bowled a 72 and an 80. those are good scores for me! ha!

stylin' in my velcro bowling shoes!

azalea stayed with thatcher's parents. thatcher's aunt and uncle from alaska arrived in town right after we left, so they got to meet and spend the evening with azalea too. we got back a little after 10 and then visited with his parents and aunt and uncle until almost 11:30. then we woke azalea up in the pack n play and headed home to sleep. i also have to mention that it was 93 degrees this day. pretty crazy for may! 

saturday was another super warm day. the 3 of us took a little walk around our neighborhood in the morning while it was still (somewhat) comfortable out. for lunch we met our friends sara and wes at noodles. azalea and i shared mac and cheese. she couldn't get it into her mouth fast enough. she is most definitely my daughter :) i managed to take a nap at the same time as her in the afternoon. i had a bunch of other stuff i should have been doing, but a nap just sounded so much better. saturday night we met up with thatcher's family again and went to davannis in uptown for dinner.

nom nom nom

sunday the temp plummeted to 55 (minnesota weather is so strange!). azalea "slept in" til 6:30 (yes, this is exciting at our house). we hung out in the morning and then went to the kingfield farmer's the rain :) we got lunch from our favorite food vendor, gai gai thai and i had a chocolate chip sea salt cookie. amazing!

in the evening we had thatcher's family over for dinner. we grilled burgers and hot dogs. it wasn't warm enough to really be outside, but we had fun. azalea entertained everyone, as usual! 

hanging out after dinner

azalea with her great aunt and uncle...they were so excited to meet her!


Missy said...

I see you have a Tiny Diner mat. How do you like it? I bought one for Cameron and it just never worked right. The stupid thing would never stay down. I finally gave up and instead went with the disposable ones for at restaurants. I just wonder if maybe I got a defective one or something. It's a great idea, but mine just never worked right.

Melissa said...

I like it okay. I agree that it doesn't always stay down, but it seems to get the job done :)


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