Tuesday, April 24, 2012

some scary moments and a clean bill of health

so...sunday night ended up being pretty awful. azalea woke up crying every 1-2 hours because her fever kept spiking, despite the infant pain reliever we gave her. at one point her fever was up to 104 and i was so scared! luckily thatcher stayed calm. i don't know what i would do without him. the doctor told us that there was no reason to call unless her fever reached 105 and luckily it never did. at one point in the night, i tried to make a little bed for her and myself on the floor, so she wouldn't have to sleep alone, but it was the most uncomfortable thing ever and she kept waking up disoriented and scared. it was a lonnng night. 

by morning she was doing a little better. i decided to take a half sick day and stay home with her for the morning and then my mom would come stay with her in the afternoon. i know i could have stayed home all day, but i honestly needed a little break. we snuggled/slept on the couch all morning and then i handed her off to my mom. i knew she was in good hands. they did much of the same, and when i came home in the evening, i was greeted by a very energetic, fever-free girl. yay! my mom said it was like a flip switched and azalea turned the corner. 

i was still worried about how the night would go. putting her to bed ended up being an absolute disaster. she had become so used to being held while sleeping all weekend (how can you resist holding a sick baby 24/7?) that she refused to go to sleep on her own. even when we rocked her in the glider and got her to fall asleep, she would wake up as soon as we stood up to put her in her crib and start screaming! i was so torn about what to do. on one hand, i thought i should let her try to self-soothe, so she can get used to falling asleep on her own again. she's been so good about falling asleep on her own since she was like, 3 months old. we did a combination of letting her cry, going in to comfort her, and rocking her (rocking probably wasn't the best decision, but i felt like she was still not 100% healthy). anyway, she finally went to bed after 2 hours of this battle and many tears. and then...she slept the whole night without a peep. thank goodness! 

i decided to switch my normal wednesday off to tuesday this week because azalea has to be fever free for 24 hours before she can go back to daycare. she woke up today very happy and well-rested. thank goodness! naps were a little bit of a battle, but nothing compared to last night. 

no time for snuggles, getting into mischief again

she had her follow up appointment at the pediatrician today and they were happy to hear she seems to have recovered. they confirmed that her illness was indeed viral (and not bacterial). they were surprised, because with a white blood cell count as high as hers was, it almost always means there's a bacterial infection. they even told us to stop her antibiotics. we can handle that! we went to my parent's after the appointment and went for a walk with my mom and then played outside. it was so beautiful and warm out today! 

 the creek near my parents house...so pretty! 

play time in the back yard

it was such a great way to wrap up these less than fun few days. i'm so thankful that she is healthy again. it is so hard to watch your child be sick, especially when you don't know what's wrong. and bedtime was a breeze tonight. another relief! thanks to everyone who sent sweet messages worrying about our girl! 


Emily said...

It's so hard to see them sick! I'm glad to hear Azalea is feeling better. Now to catch up on your rest!

Melissa said...

Thanks! Yes, those sleepness nights really wear on you. Early bedtime for me tonight! :)

Chrissy said...

So very glad to hear she's doing better! I like to pretend that once our little ones are old enough to tell us whats wrong fevers wont be as scary. I'm pretty sure I'm just fooling myself though :)

Lisa said...

I am just now able to catch up on your blog- and oh my goodness it seems you guys had a little scare there!! I am glad that Azalea is doing better now!! I, too, would have been scared with a spiking fever, and I hope that now that the fever is gone you can take a deep breathe and catch up on some sleep! By the way, the trip to Vancouver looks amazing and so fun!! That picture where you are eating dinner and enjoying the view made me smile- it's nice to be baby free for a dinner!! hehe:) And Happy Easter to you all- I am the same way- I may have gotten teary eyed realizing that this was Rosemary's first "second Holiday"!! Soooo big! Good catching up with you!! And let me know how/when/what you guys do for bottle weaning- we might need help, lol!

Melissa said...

Hey Lisa! Thanks for your nice message and keeping up with my blog. (I try to check yours at least once a week too!) We've started the bottle to sippy cup transition a little bit and it's not going great. She is very resistent to the sippy cup when she knows she is getting it instead of a bottle (ie. not at meal time). It's hard!! She cries and screams. It's funny how some kids react so strongly. People keep telling me to take it away cold turkey, but I'm not ready for that. I've basically gotten down to one bottle when she wakes up in the morning and one before bed. Are you still nursing Rosemary?

Jess Judkins said...

Thank goodness your sweet girl is feeling better. I hate that feeling of not knowing what is wrong with Judah. We have gone to the walk in ER clinic (because Kaiser freaks us out on the phone over anything and everything) several times in the past.


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