Monday, April 30, 2012

lawn mowing, culvers, outlet mall, belated birthday

friday thatcher got off work early (which was a treat!) and actually beat azalea and me home. we made pizza for dinner (which azalea devoured) and played before bedtime. azalea spent a lot of time watching thatcher mow the lawn out the front window. she thought it was great! ...and therefore so did i! :) 

post bath entertainment

saturday morning azalea woke up on the wrong side of the crib (at 6:20am oof) and was not happy when i gave her a sippy cup of milk. i declared this weekend "operation no-bottles-except-for-bedtime." we are trying to transition her to a sippy cup, but it's not going very well. she loves her bottles and hates her sippy cups. stubborn little girl :) anyway, we ran some errands in the morning, which ended up being miserable because it was rainy and freezing out (40 degrees! blah!). we came home and all took much-needed naps. my brother came over in the afternoon, so thatcher and i could work on our basement de-clutter project. it's a slow one, but it'll get done eventually. we went to culvers for dinner and i think it's safe to say this girl enjoyed her self.

she got her own cup of chili. i can't tell at all ;) she also had some of my chocolate custard, which was a hit!

sunday morning i went to the albertville outlet mall with my best friend kelli. thatcher and azalea stayed home. i hadn't been there in a long time, so i was excited to go. as always, i got some good deals on clothes. a couple shirts for me and a couple things for azalea, including some super cute sandals for summer. it was nice to get some un-interrupted shopping time in. it's hard to actually try things on when i have azalea with me. sunday night we finally celebrated azalea's birthday with my parents. (they were in florida for her actual birthday). azalea opened her gifts.

then we had dinner and dessert, angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream. she was so funny stuffing it in her mouth. much better than her actual birthday.

yum yum!


Happiness Is... said...

Try going cold turkey with the bottles. Just take them away. I know it sucks, but it was the ONLY thing that worked for T. He still takes a morning bottle, but that's it ... do you ever try juice or something enticing in the sippy cup? That helped us too

Kristen @ All In My Twenties said...

Just came across your blog!! OMG your baby girl is presh!! And I LOVE her name!!

Jess Judkins said...

I adore the first picture of azalea watching outside the window :-) Judah loves to watch the lawn guys for our community and likes to talk (scream) to them from the window :-)

I hope the bottle transition gets better! I think for some reason it took awhile with Judah, now he only gets bottles for naps and at night. We had to try a dozen different sippy cups, I noticed he transitions out of some onto others. Like we had to get him to like the cups with straws first bc he wanted to be like mommy and drink from a "water bottle" with a straw like me. Then he started using the ones from Target and the bigger ones from Target that have Buzz and Woody from the toy story on them. But eventually he only took bottles at bed time and sippy cups during the day :-)

Melissa said...

Hey, thanks! I'm so glad you found me. I think I've seen your blog on other people's side bar. I'm off to check it out :)

Melissa said...

Thanks! Isn't it so funny how the littlest things are entertaining for them? I hope the bottle transition gets better too. Right now she is just getting one before bed. We give her sippy cups all through out the day, but i'm pretty sure she doesn't take more than 5 sips all day. Crazy babies :)


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