Sunday, April 15, 2012

girls night, dinner with friends, under the weather

friday night i was invited to my friend jackie's for a chocolate and pedicure get together with some girls (sarah, becky, susan, and kate). it was so much fun! we painted our nails (fingers and toes!), ate a bunch of yummy treats, and shared some good conversation. i love getting to know them all better! thatcher and azalea had some daddy-daughter time at home.

 pretty pretty

saturday morning, thatcher, azalea, and i headed over to my parents' to see their bathroom renovation progress. right now it's down to the studs, but it was fun to see. my dad is doing most of the work. my parents still live in the house i grew up in. does it make me weird to say, "i have a lot of memories in that bathroom"? don't answer that. ha! in the afternoon, azalea and i went for a walk with our neighbor rebekah and her pup, chester. it was so beautiful out! felt like a summer day.

hydrating when we returned. like her ridiculous position she insisted on? ha! also, we have a long journey ahead for dropping the bottle. girlfriend is obsessssssed.

later thatcher's sister and our nephew stopped over, so it was fun to see them.

she studies everything he does. haha!

my parents came over last night to watch azalea, so we could go out for dinner with our friends liz and joe. it was nice to get out for the evening and have some adult time with them :) azalea was still awake when we got home at 9:45! by no fault of my parents...she is just sort of a stinker about falling asleep lately, even if she is tired.

sunday i woke up feeling like crap. i'll leave most of it to your imagination, but it involved an un-happy stomach, nausea, and light-headedness. not fun! it's 3:35pm and all i've eaten today is a piece of toast, one saltine cracker, and some water. that's how you know there's something wrong with me. i normally love to eat. and nothing like getting sick to remind you how hard it is to be a mom when you don't feel well. thankfully thatcher has been here to take care of azalea, but i can't help feeling like a lazy bum laying on the couch while he chases her around. oh well. he took her to his parents to play while he ran some errands, so she is having fun. hopefully i'll be better by tomorrow. not only is it monday, but i'm going to see ingrid michaelson live! 

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Happiness Is... said...

I hope you feel better soon! I say to go cold turkey when you decide to drop the bottle. That is what worked for us, and we have a strong willed child :)


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