Sunday, April 8, 2012

a 4 day weekend

i was able to score a 4 day weekend after returning from vancouver, thanks to working on my normal day off and over the weekend. not only was i excited to spend some extra time with my girl, but my parents returned from florida after 7 weeks away. we made plans to see them on thursday after azalea's morning nap. you know, the nap where she screamed for an hour and 15 minutes before going to sleep. yeah, that nap. she is certainly turning into a little toddler! we hung out with my parents for a while and then took a trip to target. we relaxed at home in the evening. 

friday my dad came over to have lunch with azalea and me. he brought us a meatball hoagie from broders. yum! then we picked up my mom and went for a walk around lake calhoun. it was really nice out, but a little breezy. azalea and i spent some time in the front yard when we got home. 

she appreciates a good selfie :) 

with her buddies henry and parker who live down the street. we'll miss them when the move in a couple weeks :( 

saturday morning i ran some errands while azalea napped and thatcher stayed home. then azalea and i met up with my friend mollie for lunch. there's a new burger place and a new frozen yogurt place over by lake calhoun, so of course we had to check out both. and they were super yummy. that was probably azalea's least healthy meal of her short life, but she enjoyed it :) mollie also gave her a sweet birthday present, some new books. so nice of her! thatcher, azalea, and i took a trip to ikea in the afternoon to get some storage shelves for azalea's toys that are taking over our entire living room these days. we got this cube unit, and i'm really happy with it. 

a larger one would have been nice, but we don't have the space. our plan is to turn our glorified storage room basement into a play room for her and eventually move this down there. it's going to take a bit of work, though. 

we also harvested our first asparagus ever from our garden. brace yourselves...

biggest asparagus you've ever see, right? so funny. we cut them up, put them in the oven, and they turned out pretty well. some were a little fibery, but for the most part they were really good. 

that brings us to sunday. happy easter! stay tuned for a recap on that... 

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Emily said...

So I just read your profile and see that our babies are around the same age. My Jack was born 2-26-11. Azalea is such a cutie!


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