Monday, March 12, 2012

soaking up the last of her babyhood

tonight, about 30 minutes after putting azalea to bed, she was still rolling around her crib and talking to herself, so i picked her up and brought her over to the glider for what i thought would be a short-lived snuggle. 

normally she starts climbing out of your arms the second you sit down unless you have a bottle for her. but she didn't...she faced me and smiled, obviously excited that i let her get up. 

we played in the chair for a few minutes, rubbing noses, tickling, and snuggling. she would lay her head down for a few seconds, but then pop up again, careful not to waste her "fun" time by resting. 

but after a while her head started to stay down longer, her breathing slowed and her little body melted into mine. i could tell she was falling asleep as i rubbed her back and held her tight. 

she was out in no time. i sat there and rocked her for quite a while. breathing in her sweet baby scent and kissing her head. she was completely relaxed in my arms and i could have sat there all night. 

in less than two weeks she will turn one and while i'm so excited for all the milestones to come, i can't believe she will never be my little baby again. but i will love her more tomorrow than i did today and even more than that the day after. i knew i would like being a mom, but this is a love i never could have prepared myself for. 


DrayaAnn said...

Oh how sweet. I have a boy just a month younger than your girl and I do the same things with him. I snuggle him close when I'm rocking him to sleep. He's going to be 1 too soon, and I just hold onto those moments a bit longer these days.

Happiness Is... said...

Aren't the snuggles the BEST? They are infrequent around here, too, but makes us appreciate them even more!

Aileen said...

that's so sweet. speaking of babies... last night I had a dream about you (haha!) and you announced you were pregnant with twins (a boy & a girl)! totally random!!!

Melissa said...

That's super funny! I hope it's not a sign. haha!


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