Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the rest of the birthday weekend

i want to remember what we did for the rest of azalea's birthday weekend. saturday she had visits from uncle brandon and uncle anders and heather. they brought her gifts over early so we wouldn't have as many to open/transport home from the party. 

uncle brandon is a big soccer fan, so he got her a manchester city tshirt and a little scooter she can ride on. he was wearing his shirt, so of course i had to take a twins picture :) 

her face cracks me up! 

anders and heather gave her two awesome stuffed bookends and a bunch of dr suess books. fun stuff! 

i already talked about her party in my last post, so moving on to monday (her actual birthday). i decided to take the day off to spend with her. we made plans to meet kelli for lunch at the midtown global market, since she works near there. 

we ate yummy mexican food and walked around for a little bit. azalea's shirt says "my first birthday." i don't think anyone noticed. haha. 

we decided to give her some leftover cupcake on monday night after dinner and as with at her party, she was not super into it. she scarfs down vegetables, so i guess i can't complain! :) 

"it's alright, mom, but it's no sweet potato..."

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