Sunday, March 11, 2012

food with friends, park time, gorgeous weather

food, playgrounds, and gorgeous weather was the theme of our weekend. it was in the 60's both days, which is awesome for march in mn! we could easily be having a blizzard right now :) i hope it stays this way. 

also, you'll be proud...i was better about taking pictures this weekend! friday night we just hung out and watched a movie after azalea went to bed. saturday morning my brother came over for a while. he and azalea pretty much adore each other. 

 in the afternoon, went to the park with cedar and jack to enjoy the sunshine. azalea went on the swings and played in the sand. i forgot the camera for the park trip, but that's ok. i have a feeling there will be a lot of park action in the next few months. saturday night we were invited over to thatcher's co-worker's house for dinner. he and his wife have two little girls who are 2.5 and 1. they just moved into a house not far from us. they made a really yummy dinner and the girls played and we hung out. it was really fun night. i'm looking forward to doing it again.

on sunday, liz, joe, jake, and max came over for lunch and to play. this picture cracks me up, i don't think any of them were quite ready.

we took all the kiddos to the park (big park weekend at our house!). it was gorgeous out again. it was nice to see them and catch up, it had been a while. i managed to get a nap in sunday afternoon while azalea was napping. i think the time change made me tired. azalea did fine with it. she woke up at 6:45, which felt like 5:45. could have been worse.  it was sure nice having it light out until after 7pm tonight. we ended the weekend with a yummy crockpot meal and gave azalea a much overdue bath. the bath is always a hit with her!

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