Friday, March 9, 2012

flashback friday

i like to do a little flashback friday every once in a while. i don't know why i'm so entertained by reading my blog posts from years ago that are about nothing but my daily life, but i am. i think i've mentioned on here before that i had a livejournal blog in college. (i'm pretty sure no one uses that anymore, do they? poor livejournal). i blogged just about everyday during college (mostly about school work, missing thatcher, and adventures with my roomates). my blog is still out there in internet land and i log in on occasion and read it. and then, to make things worse, i decide to share it with all of you. :) keep in mind, there were no pictures in these posts. i'm pretty sure i would have needed to know html code to put pictures in. while i'm not going to copy and paste the entire entries into this post, i though i would share what was on my mind on march 9th of 2003, 2005, and 2006. 

march 9th, 2003:

- i recapped my roomates coming home with me for the weekend. we had dinner with my parents, saw the movie 'how to lose a guy in 10 days' at the theater (i mentioned it was my second time), went to mall of america, and hung out at the u of m.

- that night i was going to study for a psychology test and meet with a group from spanish class, but not before going out for dinner with my roomate sarah's parents who were in town for her choir concert (always exciting when the roomies' parents came). 

march 9th, 2005:

- i slept in because i didn't have class until noon (those were the days!). i had a couple classes and "lounged around" for a lot of the afternoon (seriously, these were the days). 

- i had dinner at my friend dani's (we did this a lot). she burned me a rascal flatts cd and we went to spin class on campus. i came home and watched "newlyweds" with the roomates. (remember that show...jessica simpson and nick lachey? good times). 

march 9th, 2006:

- this was the first day of my spring break. i talked about how i surprised thatcher by coming home a day early. he had to work (same company he works for now), so dani and i went to southdale. that evening, thatcher and i ordered pizza and watched a movie. 

- i was excited because kelli and i were leaving to go down to florida to visit my parents the next day. i got new ear buds for my ipod and marveled at how much more spring-like the weather was in minneapolis than duluth. 

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