Monday, March 19, 2012

alice's 1st birthday, thai dinner st. patty's day, 12 month pictures

another gorgeous weather weekend! i'm in disbelief that it's still march. it feels more like june! we did our best to make the most of it. friday night was our usual movie night after azalea went to sleep. saturday morning we had a first birthday party for our friends ryan and lisa's little girl, alice. 

here's azalea before we left for the party. she kills me with those pigtails!

it's funny to see the differences between azalea and alice 
despite the fact that alice is only 11 days older. alice is much more "todder" like, running around, etc . the party was really relaxed and fun. yummy food and cupcakes (including a vegan option!). thatcher was excited about that :) 

azalea and the birthday girl alice. not the best picture, but they were being busy girls.

i spent a lot of the afternoon finishing azalea's party decorations while she slept. my best friend kelli and i have been working hard on them over the past few weeks. i'm not much of a crafter, but it's been fun and i think they came out awesome! here's a little sneak peek: 

saturday evening we went out for thai with our neighbor friends ryan and rebekah. thatcher and i both have irish heritage, but couldn't care less about celebrating st. patrick's day. ha! we had been meaning to hang out with ryan and rebekah for a while, so that we did! we went to a new(ish) thai restaurant in linden hills. it was really good! we walked around for a little bit after dinner (it was so warm out - unreal) and somehow found ourselves at sebastian joe's ice cream. i have no idea how that happened. but it was a good "accident." ha! azalea spent the evening at thatcher's parents' house. we are so thankful for all their babysitting lately. i would feel guilty, but i know they love it!

sunday morning we took azalea to uptown to have her one year photos taken (didn't we just take her newborn photos?!). thatcher has a friend from his college marching band days who is an awesome photographer, so we asked her to take them. she met us in the plaza next to the mozaic development that thatcher had a large role in developing for work. we thought it would be cool and meaningful to do pictures there. the plaza has lots of funky benches, sculptures, etc. azalea did so well! i can't wait to see the pictures. of course i'll share them on here.
we spent the rest of the day hanging out at home and running a couple errands. we grilled  up chicken sausage and sweet potato fries for dinner and thatcher and i watched a movie after azalea went to sleep (with all the windows open - so nice!).

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