Friday, March 30, 2012

12 month appointment

azalea had her 12 month check up on wednesday. as with all her other appointments, here are her stats: 

- weight: 19 lbs, 8 oz (25%)
- height: 30.5 inches long (90%)
- head circumference: 41.5 cm (50%)

instagram is making its debut on the blog!

she has stayed really steady in her growth over the last 12 months. our long, skinny girl! the doctor said she is perfect. music to our ears! she was such a ham at the appointment. didn't stop moving or talking the entire time. the doctor got such a kick out of her! unfortunately that all came to an end when it was time for immunizations, though :( poor baby. quite a few tears this time! 

i don't think i've mentioned it on here, but thatcher and i have been a little worried that azalea might have food allergies (specifically to eggs and soy) because lately when we've give her those foods (or foods with those ingredients listed), she's gotten a red rash all around her mouth. the doctor re-assured us that it's likely just a skin irritation rather than an allergy. she said an allergy would have a full body reaction that might include hives, swelling, etc. luckily we haven't seen any of that. she said to continue feeding her those foods occasionally and watch for other reactions. she also recommended we keep some benedryl around in case she does have more of an allergic reaction. and of course we should bring her back in if the reaction worsens. i felt much better after talking to her. hopefully we'll dodge the food allergy bullet, but if not, we will manage. 

next appointment is at 15 months. 

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