Sunday, February 5, 2012

under the weather, pedicure, brunch, superbowl party

i think this is how i will title all of my weekend recaps from now on. there's only so many variations of "weekend fun" i can come up with. this is easier :) after a couple whole weeks (sarcasm font) of no one being sick at our house, we were back at it this weekend. probably just colds, but no fun none the less. in fact, friday night i took a 2 hour nap right after putting azalea to sleep. not the best idea. i had a lot of trouble falling asleep for the night when i actually went to bed. 

lucky us when azalea decided 5:40 was a good time to wake up saturday morning. oy. we ran some errands in the morning (not at 5:40 :)) and then i had an appointment at revamp salon in uptown for a pedicure and 15 minute chair massage. it was my christmas gift from thatcher. the massage was great (although short) and the pedicure was really nice too. i've never gotten one in the winter before, so leaving in flip flops was kind of funny. at least it's a mild winter! in the afternoon, kelli and i took azalea to southdale and did a little shopping. well, mostly kelli did. i didn't find anything i was looking for. oh well. saturday night we just relaxed and watched a movie. 

sunday we were feeling better, which was good because we had two get togethers to attend. first was brunch with our friends from sw community ed where we both used to work (and met). we see these friends a couple times a year and it's always fun to catch up. there are now 3 kids in the group (all girls!), so it was fun to watch them play. we stuffed our faces with bagels, cinnamon rolls, and coffee cake - yum!

thanks kristin for letting us turn your basement into a disaster zone :)

she loves trying to climb the stairs. only makes it to step #1, but she's trying

evelyn, lilah, and azalea. not thrilled about the picture, but good enough!

sunday night was the super bowl. we were invited to our friends' becky and jeromy's. this was at least the second year we've gone and it's always fun. certainly a change a pace having to chase a baby around rather than paying any attention to the game (or my favorite, the commercials). there were lots of little ones there, so that was fun. and more yummy food of course. i didn't manage to take any pictures. azalea made it to half time and then was getting pretty tired and a little crabby, so we decided to call it a night. that's ok! there's always laundry to do facebook to browse and blogs to read.


Happiness Is... said...

That basement looks like a LOT of fun for babies :)

Azalea is getting so big - climbing stairs is a favorite past time of Thatcher's, too!

ajs {of MN} said...

i love her little sweater!


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