Thursday, February 16, 2012

florida vacation part 2

friday the 10th, we took a drive up to siesta key beach. it is the best beach in the country (it gets written up a lot) and i agree...the sand is's as soft as powder. we were excited to take azalea. she was intrigued by the sand, but she didn't really want to crawl on it too much. she was also afraid of the ocean...even though the waves were tiny. hehe. my parents kept an eye on her while thatcher and i took a nice walk along the beach.

after about an hour there, she was getting really crabby, so we decided to pack up. such is life with a baby :) we were planning to go out for lunch, but we didn't think it was the best idea anymore, so we headed home. thatcher and i went out by ourselves in the afternoon while my parents stayed home with azalea so she could nap. we walked around downtown venice and went to nokomis groves again. second day in a row. i thought about hiding my face, but calories don't count on vacation right? right :) when we got back, we took azalea swimming in the pool again. we had friends over for dinner that night. fred, jen, and their two kids, max (9) and kat (5). they played 6-5-4 (a dice game) for quarters and we just hung out.

it poured outside. it felt like a cozy summer evening! azalea slept all night! woo hoo!

saturday the 11th it cooled down to the 60's and was very windy. we bundled up (haha) and went to the sarasota farmers market. it was fun, but very crowded.

somebody got a little sleepy

after that we went to siesta key village and ate at a place called "blue 'que" for lunch. good food and azalea had fun flirting with the musician :)

we stopped by an art fair on the way home. lots of naps at the condo that afternoon. in the evening, my parents offered to watch azalea so thatcher and i could go out for dinner. we went to a place called thai bistro. it was cozy and had really good food. after dinner, thatcher and i "cruised" around town in the car. he had hopes of getting lost on the island, but his directional skills are too good. ha! we came back after and watched a movie with my parents.

sunday the 12th it was cold. :( (hey, don't laugh!). for some reason, 50 degrees feels much colder here than at home. i tried not to throw myself too much of a pity party as i wished it was warm enough to go to the beach or the pool. we still had a nice day. my mom and i went to an outlet mall about 30 minutes away that afternoon. it was so crowded! but we managed to get some good stuff (some clothes for azalea and a couple things for me). my dad, thatcher, and azalea hung out at home. when we got home, my dad, thatcher, and azalea and i went to the jetty to watch the ocean.

we saw a couple dolphins again! we also took a drive along casey key to gawk at all the mansions. that night thatcher and i made tacos for my parents then played some uno and watched the grammys.

stay tuned for part 3...

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