Tuesday, February 21, 2012

back to life, back to reality

we've been easing back into our routine at home since returning from vacation. it's always a little depressing...especially when you return from a place where it feels like summer and we've still got quite a few months to go here. (although i can't complain about the nice weather we are having!) 

thursday was my first day back at work (and daycare for azalea). i felt pretty crappy all day. i picked up a bad cold somewhere between here and florida. i made it through my work day and picked up azalea. jean reported that she did really well! i was a little unsure how she would re-adjust seeing as she was out of her routine for so long. but she's always so good for jean. i shouldn't have worried. 

i woke up feeling even worse on friday morning, so i decided to take a sick day. i felt a little silly considering i had only been back for a day, but i wasn't going to be productive when i was sneezing and blowing my nose every 5 minutes. thatcher took azalea to daycare and i rested on the couch all day. i felt much better by the evening. thatcher and i watched the movie 50/50. have you guys seen it? i definitely recommend it! it's funny, happy, and sad all in one. those are the best kinds of movies, in my opinion! 

saturday we ran some errands and battled with azalea to get her to nap (oof, maybe i'll write a separate post on this one). in the afternoon, azalea and i hung out with kelli. we went to party city to get some supplies for her first birthday party. all i will say is i'm doing a yellow and gray theme. more details to come :) it was a very successful trip! we also went to look at new glasses for kelli and got blizzards at dairy queen. yum! thatcher and i watched another movie this night. we watch a lot of movies on the weekends since azalea goes to sleep around 7-7:30. 

sunday was lambs group at church, so i took azalea. then we went to the service where she was a wild woman for the first half and then crashed on my shoulder for the second half. not bad! she took a two hour nap in the afternoon (yes!) and then we went to thatcher's parents for a little visit. my brother came over for dinner and to see his favorite niece :) 

sorry for the lack of pictures!

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