Sunday, February 26, 2012

11 months

oh did we get here? one month from today you will turn one year old. this month may have been your fastest yet. i hope this isn't the case with the rest of your childhood, but i have a feeling it will be. one more month of babyhood before you officially become a toddler. wow. you have become so independent this month. you are into everything. we love watching you explore and learn!

- i'm not sure how much you weigh these days since it's been a while since you've been to the doctor, but i'm going to guess you are in the 19 lb range. we'll find out next month when you have your check up.

- the self-feeding battle continues. we know you know how, but you refuse to do it. i tell myself not to worry or get frustrated. in a few months i'll wonder why i ever worried at all. that said, you love food. you'll eat just about anything we give you. fruits, veggies, yogurt, cheese, bread, crackers, meat. you still eat some baby food too.

- you still have 3-4 bottles a day. i'm dreading having to transition you from the bottle to a sippy cup. you don't seem to like sippy cups and you love your bottle (which you sometimes hold yourself). you love to drink out of regular cups, though, so that's good!

- i think a seventh tooth might have come through this month, but to be honest we haven't really checked. they are just too far back :) 

- you still love to clap (especially when you hear the words "clap", "good", or "yay"). you are starting to wave bye-bye to us when we leave. it's adorable!

- we retired your bath seat when we went on vacation this month. at first you seemed a little unsure about sitting directly in the tub, but you love it now! you splash like crazy and even crawl around in there. we really have to keep our eyes on you!

- you are wearing all 12 month clothes right now. they fit you great length-wise, but some are a little big in the waist. i'm not sure when you will transition into 18 month clothes, but hopefully not for a while since most of the stuff you have in that size is for warm weather. sorting and organizing your clothes never gets old...i love it way too much.

- you have gotten so mobile in the last month. you crawl all over the house and pull up to stand on everything. we've baby-proofed enough for you to go into rooms by yourself and we don't have to worry too much. you love to get into any cords that you find, and the carbon monoxide detector in our room...oh and of course the dvd player. haha. you are starting to put objects in your mouth. luckily nothing small from what i've seen. 

- our trip to florida brought lots of firsts this month! first plane ride, first time in a swimming pool, first time seeing the ocean, first taste of ice cream!

- you've regressed a bit in your good sleeping reputation. you go to bed between 7 and 8 and often wake up at 5:30 and refuse to go back down. we've been trying to see what we can do to get you to sleep later, but you seem to wake up at the same time regardless of when you go to bed. silly you and your internal clock!

- you really only say "mama" and "dada" although sometimes i think i hear you say "hi". you also say "nanana" when you want or don't want something. not sure what it means :) in florida, grandma and i would say "fish" to you and you would echo back "shhhh". so cute!

- you are still in size 3 disposables (for night time) and cloth during the day.

- i can't believe next month will be your last monthly update! i'll have to decide what to do after that. 


Lisa said...

Happy 11 months, Azalea! It was so much fun reading all about this month. Rosemary loves power cords and the DVD player, too....I think they must know that those things are off-limits, which makes them want them even more of course! lol
It looks like you guys had such a beautiful trip to Florida! Even with the lack of sleep, I am sure it was relaxing and so nice to be in the warmth! Rosemary has never been a good sleeper, so I am pretty used to the 5 am wake up calls, however I still wonder when they will end! Haha, Hopefully soon, because it is ROUGH not sleeping! Like you said, such is the life with a baby:).
Can't wait to see what pretty plans you guys have for Azalea's first Birthday!!

Happiness Is... said...

Are y'all having a party?!? Where does the time go, right???

Melissa said...

Yep, we're having a party the day before her birthday (since her bday is on a monday). yellow and gray theme. I'm working on the details :)


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